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2006-2008 Undergraduate Catalog
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Dr. Shane Sharpe, Director
Office: 271 Nott Hall

CBH 101 and CBH 102 Freshman Seminar. Four hours each semester.

Taken by first-year students in the Computer-Based Honors Program, this course provides an accelerated introduction to computer hardware and software. Open only to students admitted to the Computer-Based Honors Program,

CBH 201 and CBH 202 Sophomore Seminar. Three hours each semester.

Prerequisites: CBH 101 and CBH 102.

In the sophomore, junior, and senior CBH seminars, students work as undergraduate research assistants with faculty members on computer-oriented research projects.

CBH 301 and CBH 302 Junior Seminar. Three hours each semester.

CBH 451 and CBH 452 Senior Seminar. Three hours each semester.