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2006-2008 Undergraduate Catalog
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College of Community Health Sciences

CHS 320 Rural Health Scholars Field Work/Seminars. Three hours.

Field work opportunities available only to students who have completed rural health scholar seminars or agrimedicine research in the Department of Behavioral and Community Medicine.

CHS 321 Rural Health Scholars II. Three hours.

Prerequisite: CHS 320.

Advanced field work for students who have completed CHS 320. Weekly seminars enhance the learning experience.

CHS 330 Issues in Contemporary Medicine (also UH 330). Three hours.

Course is designed in lecture format to acquaint students engaged in premedical studies with the major patterns of illness in the U.S. and with the medical disciplines that treat those diseases. Enrollment limited to junior and senior premed students.

CHS 400 Rural Environmental/Occupational Health. Three hours.

Prerequisite: Permission of the Rural Medical Scholars Program director.

Designed to help the student recognize environmental and occupational health hazards in the rural setting, the effects of exposure to these hazards, and preventive measures that should be taken to avoid them.

CHS 420 Basic Epidemiology. Three hours.

Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

A basic course in epidemiology designed for students in health or related fields which points out the population-oriented approach to epidemiology and shows how the methodology can be used to develop knowledge of disease etiology with application to the entire spectrum of health service.

CHS 422 Community Clinical Process. Three hours.

Prerequisite: Permission of the Rural Medical Scholars Program director.

A combination of scheduled sessions and fieldwork. Field work includes visiting with assigned rural advisor, completing a rural community assessment, and assisting with community health screenings and education


CHS 423 Independent Study in Preventive/Community Medicine. Three to six hours.

An individual learning experience that involves the student in documentation of, evaluation of, and/or strategic planning for solving a community health problem.

CHS 425 Biostatistics. Three hours.

Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

Statistical methods and concepts particularly appropriate for biomedical research and health-related subjects.

CHS 427 Health Policy and Planning. Three hours.

Prerequisite: Advanced standing in a program preparing for a career in the human management, life, or social sciences and/or permission of the


A problem-based learning seminar that introduces the student to the field of health policy and planning.

CHS 432 Community Clinical Process II. Three hours.

Prerequisite: CHS 422.

Continuation of studies from CHS 422, including introduction to basic physical assessment techniques and continuation of a community project.

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