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2006-2008 Undergraduate Catalog


Office: 214 Child Development Research Center

The Department of Human Development and Family Studies offers majors in early childhood education (ECE) and in human development and family studies (HD). Concentrations are provided in each major. In the ECE major one concentration, early childhood development, is currently offered. In the HD major, four concentrations are offered: family studies; adolescent and youth development; general human development and family studies; and child life.

In addition to selecting a major and concentration, a student may also select a minor in order to enhance his or her program of study and career opportunities. Other University of Alabama academic divisions offer many appropriate minors. Requirements for these minors are found in the sections of this catalog pertaining to those divisions. The student should select a concentration and/or minor in consultation with a departmental advisor in order to ensure that program requirements are fulfilled. The student should also consult the advisor before choosing elective courses.

All students majoring in human development and family studies must take the following courses as part of the University core requirements:

BSC 109 Introductory Biology for Non-Majors II or
    BSC 114:115 Principles of Biology (N)
PY 101 Introduction to Psychology (SB)3

In addition, please note that every student in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies is required to select an existing concentration or propose his or her own personalized concentration. In the event that a student wishes to propose a personalized concentration of courses, he or she must make application following a prescribed process. Students interested in this option should contact the chairperson of the department.