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2006-2008 Undergraduate Catalog


Major in interior design (INTD). The program in interior design is planned to prepare students for professional careers in residential and nonresidential interior design. Career opportunities include employment with interior design studios, interior design divisions of architectural firms, and retail establishments. The coursework is designed to prepare students to apply to become registered interior designers. The interior design program received six-year reaccreditation from the Foundation for Interior Design Education Research (FIDER) in 2000. Accreditation by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) was awarded in 1998.

All students interested in transferring to The University of Alabama into the interior design program should contact the Department of Clothing, Textiles, and Interior Design one year prior to enrollment, if possible, to verify transfer credits and plan for a required portfolio review. Transcripts, student work, project assignments, and course syllabi are required at the time of the portfolio review. CTD 121 is a prerequisite for CTD 225, which is offered fall semesters only. Transfer students who do not have credit for CTD 121 (or the equivalent) are urged to complete the course during the first term of summer school in order to enroll in CTD 225 the first fall semester of enrollment. CTD 225, CTD 226, CTD 325, CTD 326, CTD 425, and CTD 426 must be taken in that sequence. Laboratory courses at the 300 and 400 levels are open only to interior design majors. Each student will be assigned an academic advisor who will help develop the plan of study.

Required courses for all INTD majorsHours
ART 110 Drawing I3
ART 131 Design II3
CTD 102 Applied Design3
CTD 121 Introduction to Interior Design3
CTD 219, CTD 330, CTD 335, or studio art3
CTD 221 Materials and Sources for Interior Design3
CTD 225 Residential Design/Graphic Communication3
CTD 226 Nonresidential Design/Graphic Communication3
CTD 261 Textiles3
CTD 325 Design for Special Populations3
CTD 326 Design for Hospitality Interiors3
CTD 328 Professional Procedures in Interior Design3
CTD 371 Lighting for Interiors3
CTD 421 History of Interiors and Furnishings I3
CTD 422 History of Interiors and Furnishings II (W)3
CTD 425 Advanced Residential Design/Historic Documentation4
CTD 426 Advanced Nonresidential Design4
DR 135 Construction Drawing3
DR 250 Construction Materials and Procedures3
DR 355 AutoCAD for Interior Design3
Art history (FA)6
Studio art elective3


ART 1103
CTD 1023
CTD 1213
DR 1353
EN 101 and EN 102 (or EN 103) (FC)6
HES 1003
History1 (HI) and social and behavioral sciences (SB)6
Natural science (N)4
CTD 219, CTD 330, CTD 335, or studio art3
CTD 2213
CTD 2253
CTD 2263
CTD 2613
DR 2503
Art history (FA)6
History (HI) and social and behavioral sciences (SB)3
Mathematics (MA)3
ART 1313
CTD 3253
CTD 3263
CTD 3283
CTD 3713
CTD 4213
CTD 422 (W)3
DR 3553
HES 3103
Computer science (C) or foreign language (FL)3–4
Portfolio review0
CTD 4233 (recommended elective)3
CTD 4254
CTD 4264
Computer science (C) or foreign language (FL)3–4
History (HI)2 and social and behavioral sciences (SB)3
Humanities (HU) and fine arts (FA)6
Natural science (N)4
Portfolio review0
Studio art elective3
Writing course (W)3

1Each student must take either a 6-hour sequence in history or a 6-hour sequence in literature.
2Each student who completes a 6-hour history sequence must take a 3-hour literature course.
3Interior design majors who plan to enroll in CTD 423 Internship in Interior Design in the summer must register for CTD 323 the preceding spring semester.