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2006-2008 Undergraduate Catalog


The minimum requirements for a degree in the College of Human Environmental Sciences at The University of Alabama are

It is the student's responsibility to make sure that all degree requirements have been met. Students should arrange to meet with their academic advisors in the College of Human Environmental Sciences two semesters prior to graduation to verify that all requirements will have been fulfilled by the expected date of graduation. In order to graduate, a student must submit an application for degree to the registrar (101 Doster Hall) no later than the time he or she registers for the final semester in residence.

A student who wishes to complete degree requirements at any institution other than The University of Alabama, or by any means other than residency in the College of Human Environmental Sciences, may do so only on the advice of the department head of the major field in which the student expects to earn a degree and with the approval of the assistant dean; such a student must fulfill the above general degree requirements.

Academic advising. Once the student chooses a major in the College of Human Environmental Sciences, he or she is assigned a departmental academic advisor/mentor who will counsel him or her about degree requirements, appropriate course sequencing, and other academic matters. It is the student's responsibility to consult with the academic advisor and then plan and complete an appropriate course of study. Students need to pay careful attention to requirements of the University Core Curriculum, noting especially any prerequisites that must be met before enrollment in courses that carry core curriculum designations. The Core Curriculum at should be consulted each semester to determine whether a core curriculum designation remains in effect at the time the student is enrolling in the course. Early in the program, the student should plan an appropriate sequence to satisfy the core curriculum requirements. Students should check with the office of student services of the College of Human Environmental Sciences to verify the successful completion of core curriculum requirements.

Class hour load. The College of Human Environmental Sciences enforces the same restrictions on class hour loads as the University. These restrictions are outlined in "Student Records and General Academic Policies," in this catalog.

Transfer students. A student who transfers to the College of Human Environmental Sciences from another institution must complete EN 101 and EN 102 Freshman Composition if he or she has not done so previously. Transfer students should consult with the assistant dean or registrar of the College of Human Environmental Sciences regarding the evaluation of course credits to be transferred.

A transfer student must earn at least 30 hours of credit in residence in the College of Human Environmental Sciences. Transfer students planning to enter certain majors in the College should be aware of the existence of a required sequence of courses.

Declaration of a minor. A student pursuing a degree in the College of Human Environmental Sciences may choose a minor course of study in the College or in another academic division. In this catalog, the courses required in particular minors generally are listed along with the requirements for majors in that division and department. The requirements for minors in commerce and business administration, however, are explained in the section on the College of Arts and Sciences.

Forms for declaring a minor course of study are available in 101 Doster Hall. When the student meets with the registrar of human environmental sciences to verify the completion of all graduation requirements, the minor area requirements are also verified. If the student satisfactorily completes all requirements for the minor, the minor is included on the student's transcript.