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2006-2008 Undergraduate Catalog


The general business major program is designed for students desiring a broad understanding of business that spans all facets of the business enterprise and provides students with a broad philosophical and economic perspective about business operations.

This major is intended for business students who wish to gain breadth within their undergraduate studies. It is particularly appropriate for students who wish to combine a study of business with a minor or extended coursework in a non-business field. The general business major is also suitable for students who intend to pursue a specialized master's degree in business or who are interested in law school or other professional fields.

A minimum grade point average of 2.00 is required for admission to the general business major. Faculty Advisor: McLeod

A total of 120 semester hours of coursework, distributed as follows, is required for the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in general business.

General Education Courses

Required Courses
CS 1023
EC 110 and 1116
EN 101 and 1026
MATH 112 and 1216
ST 2603
Total: 24
Restricted Non-Commerce Electives26–34

Natural science. Eight semester hours of science courses designated N, including at least 2 semester hours of laboratory experience

Humanities and fine arts. Twelve semester hours consisting of at least 3 hours of literature* and at least three hours in the arts. The remaining 6 hours are to be chosen from the humanities and/or the fine arts.

History and social and behavioral sciences. Twelve semester hours with at least 3 hours in history* and at least 3 hours chosen from among the other disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences. EC 110 and EC 111 (required above) satisfy 6 hours of this requirement.

*Each student must complete a 6-semester hour sequence in either literature or history.

Foreign language or computer language. Either two semester hours of one foreign language designated FL (6–8 hours) or two semesters of C-designated computer language courses(6 hours). This requirement may be satisfied by completing ST 260 and one additional C-designated course.

Business Administration Functional Field Courses

Lower Division
AC 210 Introduction to Accounting4
LGS 200 Legal Environment of Business3
Total: 7

Upper Division
Applicants for the upper division in the Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration must complete at least 60 semester hours prior to admission to the upper division. The 60 hours should be chosen from the requirements listed above and must include degree credit for EC 110 and 111; Math 112 and 121; EN 101 and EN 102; CS 102; AC 210; ST 260; and LGS 200 (or their equivalents); and at least 4 hours of natural science, 3 hours of fine arts, literature, or humanities and 3 hours of history and the social and behavioral sciences. Failure to earn degree credit for these specific courses and to earn at least 60 semester hours in all will make students ineligible for admission to the upper division and for enrollment in 300- and 400- level C&BA courses.

MGT 300 Organizational Theory and Behavior3
MKT 300 Marketing3
OM 300 Introduction to Operations Management3
FI 302 Business Finance3
MGT 395 Managerial Communications Strategies3
GBA 490 Strategic Management3
Total: 25
General Business Major Program Courses
AC 351 Managerial Accounting Decisions or
    AC 352 Corporate Financial Reporting
EC 400 Analysis of Economic Conditions
    at the Micro/Macro levels
FI 400 Financial Institutions, Markets, and Investment3
MGT 320 Leadership or
    MGT 341 Contemporary Ethical Issues and
    Corporate Responsibility or MGT 386 Foundations
    of Entrepreneurship
MIS 200 Fundamentals of Management Information Systems3
MKT 310 Introduction to Electronic Commerce or
    MKT 313 Buyer Behavior or
    MKT 321 Retail Management or MKT 337 Personal Selling or
    MKT 444 Promotional Management
Electives approved by advisor9
Total: 27
Other Commerce or Non-Commerce Electives 10–18
GBA 145 Orientation to C&BA (highly recommended for students who enter the College as freshmen)
Total for B.S. degree: 120 hours