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2006-2008 Undergraduate Catalog


The MIS program at The University of Alabama prepares students to become information technology solution providers, which means that students learn to utilize their knowledge of computerized information systems to make business organizations more effective. To accomplish this objective, MIS students complete an integrated set of business and computer science courses that emphasize the application of technology, team-based learning, and live projects for real companies. Graduates are ready for immediate employment in positions that apply their combined business knowledge with technology and problem-solving skills. For more details, visit the MIS program website at Faculty Advisors: Duggan, D. Hale, J. Hale, Kacmar, Malloy, McManus, and Sharpe

Admission and retention policies. Each prospective MIS student must submit an application demonstrating that all criteria for admission have been met. A student is eligible for admission if he or she (1) meets the criteria for admission to the upper division of the Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration (see p. 129); (2) has completed at least 61 semester hours of college credit with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher for all coursework attempted, or a GPA of 3.0 or higher for the last 30 hours attempted; and (3) has completed CS 114, CS 116, CS 124, and MIS 295 with grades of "C-" or better. A student whose GPA falls below this standard may petition for a review of his or her record.

Students who have not been admitted as MIS majors may enroll only in MIS 295 and MIS 200. MIS 295 is recommended only for students who will be majoring in MIS. MIS 200 is an introductory course for nonmajors. Only students who have been admitted as MIS majors may enroll in other 300- and 400-level MIS courses without special permission of the department head or MIS program director.

Management information systems majors must complete all required MIS courses with a grade of "C-" or better. A student who enrolls in any of the required MIS courses twice and fails to earn a passing grade will not be permitted to take additional MIS courses or to receive a degree with MIS as the major from The University of Alabama. Enrollment is defined as registration for a course resulting in the recording of hours attempted on the student's record. A grade of "WF" is counted as an enrollment. Priority for enrollment in upper-division MIS courses is given to students who are not repeating the courses.

Each MIS student is encouraged to earn a computer science minor consisting of CS 114, CS 124, CS 325, CS 375, CS 415, and an additional 400-level CS course approved by the MIS program director and the CS department head.

General Education Courses

Required Courses Hours
CS 114 and CS 1164
EC 110 and EC 1116
EN 101 and EN 1026
MATH 1123
MATH 1213
ST 2603
Restricted Non-Commerce Electives 26

Natural science. Eight semester hours of science courses designated N, including 2 semester hours of laboratory experience.

Humanities and fine arts. Twelve semester hours consisting of at least 3 hours of literature* and at least 3 hours in the arts. The remaining 6 hours are to be chosen from the humanities, literature, and/or fine arts.

History and social and behavioral sciences. Twelve semester hours with at least 3 hours in history* and at least 6 hours chosen from among other disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences. EC 110 and EC 111 (required above) satisfy 6 hours of this requirement.

*Each student must complete a 6-semester-hour sequence in either literature or history.

Foreign language/computer language requirement. CS 325 Software Systems II (C), and CS 124 Introduction to Computer Science (C) are required for MIS majors. Completion of these courses satisfies the University of Alabama Core Curriculum language requirement.
Total: 51 hours

Business Administration Functional Field Courses

Lower Division
AC 210 Introduction to Accounting4
LGS 200 Legal Environment of Business 3

Upper Division
Applicants to the upper division of the Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration and to the management information systems major must have completed at least 61 semester hours prior to admission to the upper division and the major. The 61 hours should be chosen from courses listed above and must include degree credit for EC 110 and EC 111; EN 101 and EN 102; MATH 112 and MATH 121, CS 114; AC 210; ST 260; and LGS 200 (or their equivalents); and at least 4 hours of natural science, 3 hours of fine arts, literature, or humanities, and 3 hours of history or social and behavioral sciences. Failure to earn degree credit for these specific courses and to earn at least 61 semester hours in all may result in ineligibility for admission to the upper division and to the management information systems major and ineligibility for enrollment in 300- and 400-level C&BA courses.

FI 302 Business Finance 3
GBA 490 Strategic Management 3
MGT 300 Organizational Theory and Behavior3
MGT 395 Managerial Communication Strategies 3
MKT 300 Marketing3
OM 300 Introduction to Operations Management3
Total: 25 hours
Major Program Courses
Note: Major program course prerequisites (p. 317) are enforced.
MIS 295 Business Analysis and Project Management3
MIS 320 Application and Information Architecture3
MIS 330 Database Administration 3
MIS 340 Data Communications and Networks3
MIS 430 Systems Analysis and Design I3
MIS 431 Systems Analysis and Design II3
MIS 450 Systems Construction and Implementation I3
MIS 451 Systems Construction and Implementation II3
Two of the following:
    CS 325 Software Development and Systems
    CS 415 Software Design and Development
    MKT 310 Introduction to Electronic Commerce
    MIS 492 Internship6
Total: 30 hours
Commerce or Non-Commerce Electives18
(GBA 145 is highly recommended for students who enter the College as freshmen.)
Total for B.S. degree: 124 hours


The international management informations systems program provides broad professional competence to those preparing for executive positions in multinational organizations or business analyst positions in international consulting firms. The program involves intensive study of the global interactions of systems and exposes students to a thorough understanding of the highly competitive international business environment. Faculty Advisors: Duggan, D. Hale, J. Hale, Kacmar, Malloy, McManus, and Sharpe.

Required courses*
MIS core courses24
IBA 350 Introduction to World Business3
C&BA International Business elective3
Total: 30

*See p. 134, World Business Concentrations for additional requirements.