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2006-2008 Undergraduate Catalog
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A student in the College of Arts and Sciences may apply a minor in the College of Engineering toward degree requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences. The minor requires 18 hours in engineering courses, with at least 6 hours at the 300 or 400 level and is subject to the provisions stated on p. 68. Because of the extensive prerequisite requirements in mathematics, science, and engineering courses, courses composing the minor must be selected carefully and planned in consultation with advisors in A&S and the College of Engineering. The procedures for acceptance into the minor are the same as those for other A&S programs. Forms and assistance are provided in the A&S Student Services Center.

Two types of engineering minor are available. The Type I minor is a specialized program in one of the engineering disciplines. Course requirements and advising are available from the appropriate department head, who will appoint an advisor for a student desiring this type of minor. The Type II minor is a general minor in engineering. The College of Engineering associate dean for academic programs appoints an advisor for a student pursuing the Type II minor, which requires the student to complete courses chosen from a list available in the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Programs.