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2006-2008 Undergraduate Catalog
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    Article I: Judicial Authority
    Article II: Definitions
    Article III: Proscribed Conduct
    Article IV: Organizational Misconduct
    Article V: Judicial Procedures


The University of Alabama aspires to transmit knowledge, to develop its students, and to promote the quality of society. In seeking these goals, the University recognizes the significance of student rights. These rights include freedom of expression, autonomy, procedural protection, and the integrity of people and their property. By ensuring these individual rights, the University fosters an environment conducive to student success and well-being. The Code of Student Conduct fully respects student rights.

Of course, students have obligations as well as rights. As members of an academic community, they must observe rules that benefit their classmates and their University. Students must practice personal integrity. By so doing, they respect the dignity, rights, and property of others, both students and all members of the University community. The Code of Student Conduct thus creates an expectation of behavior that the University deems acceptable. By fulfilling these expectations, students can enjoy their own rights, while also respecting their classmates' rights and furthering the University's goals.

However, the University community, as any other, must have a system to deal with those instances when a member fails to adhere to the expectations of the community. The Code of Student Conduct describes the actions which fail to meet expectations, the process of determining when a failure has occurred, and the punishment to be imposed for such failure.