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2006-2008 Undergraduate Catalog


Dining Options. Bama Dining is committed to providing University of Alabama students with an exceptional dining experience. Because Bama Dining is about satisfying the students of The University of Alabama, it strives to offer the best dining options, facilities, and dining plans that can be found on any university campus.

With the addition of several new dining facilities, Bama Dining will operate nine locations on campus where meal plans can be used, including the Fresh Food Company, Burke Dining, the Ferguson Food Court, the 24-Hour Diner, Lakeside Diner, Lakeside Dining Hall, the Ferguson Plaza, Bidgood Bistro, and J. J. Doster Café. Additionally, Bama Dining operates late-night convenience stores, coffee cafés (including Starbucks), the Bryant Hall Grill and Athletic Training Table, and an Einstein Bros bagel shop where Dining Dollars can be used.

The Freshman Year Experience. In compliance with the Freshman Year Experience program, all first-year students are required to choose a freshman meal plan. For detailed information about meal plans and the Freshman Year Experience program, visit the Bama Dining website at

Dining Dollars. In addition to meal plans, first-year students will be provided with $300 per semester in Dining Dollars. All other students will be provided with $350 per semester in Dining Dollars. The Dining Dollars program is designed to supplement students' campus dining needs. The allotted $300 equates to $18.75 per week or $2.68 per day. Dining Dollars can be used at all Bama Dining locations, all on-campus vending machines, and three off-campus dining locations (Domino's Pizza, Buffalo Phil's, and Crimson Café International Coffee House).

Additional Information. For more information about Bama Dining, meal plans, campus dining locations, or how to sign up for a meal plan, visit or call 1-888-BAMA-FOOD.