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2004-2006 Undergraduate Catalog
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[College of Human Environmental Sciences]


The curriculum in general studies in human environmental sciences enables students to integrate knowledge from all areas of the field and prepares them for employment or further study. Students choose one of two options. The general studies option is designed for those interested in careers in cooperative extension, government, human services, utility companies, or an area of the communications field. Courses are selected in consultation with an advisor. The home economics education option is designed for students who wish to teach home economics in Alabama secondary schools. The broad requirements of this option also make it a suitable program of preparation for professional positions in cooperative extension, civil service, utility companies, and the Department of Human Services.

General Studies in Human Environmental Sciences

Professor Olivia W. Kendrick
Office: 101 Doster Hall

The purpose of this program is to give the student with specific career goals an opportunity to develop an innovative program of study with a focus on at least one area within the College.

Each student majoring in general human environmental sciences is expected to file a program of study prior to the completion of 100 hours and in accordance with the following guidelines:

Minor in general studies. The minor in general studies in human environmental sciences requires 18 hours of coursework, including coursework from two departments within the College and at least six hours at the 300 to 400 level. For approval of courses, go to 101 Doster Hall.

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