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2004-2006 Undergraduate Catalog
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[College of Human Environmental Sciences]


Offices, classrooms, and laboratories of the College of Human Environmental Sciences are located in Doster Hall, Adams Hall, Stallings Center, Foster Auditorium, Moore Hall, East Annex, and the Child Development Center, all centrally located on campus. Doster Hall, built in 1929, houses the administrative offices for the College (room 101). The first floor also contains a large multimedia room and the Alumni Room. The Department of Clothing, Textiles, and Interior Design (on the third and ground floors) has general classroom space and specialized laboratories for apparel design and construction, textile research and evaluation, interior design, applied design, visual merchandising, and weaving. A 4,500-item collection of historic costumes and textiles, housed in Mary Harmon Bryant Hall, is used for teaching and research. Facilities for the Department of Human Nutrition and Hospitality Management (on the second and ground floors) include classroom space, a learning resource center, and laboratories for human-nutrition research and food-product development and evaluation. J.J. Doster Café (ground floor) provides the space and equipment for preparing and serving food in large quantities used by programs in food and nutrition and restaurant and hospitality management.

The Department of Consumer Sciences is located in Adams Hall. Facilities include a college microcomputer laboratory, multimedia classrooms, specialized laboratories for testing and demonstrating household equipment, a multipurpose laboratory, and a reading room. Interior design laboratories and faculty offices are also located in Adams Hall and East Annex. Specialized facilities of the Department of Human Development and Family Studies include the Child Development Laboratory and the Infant Laboratory, which provide exemplary children's programs for student observation and participation and for faculty research. Equipped with observation booths, videotaping equipment, microcomputers, and audiovisual materials, the laboratories complement students' other educational experiences. University Child Care Services, located on the ground floor of Rose Towers, provides day care for children of University of Alabama students, faculty, and staff. The facility also accommodates students' observation and participation. Student experiences are provided through the Child Development Resources and Services Program, located at 1416 Greensboro Avenue. This program provides child care financial assistance, resources, and referrals to the community, and child care training to providers located in a 12-county area.

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