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2004-2006 Undergraduate Catalog
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[College of Education]


Professor Joyce Stallworth, Co-Department Head
Professor Nan Restine, Co-Department Head
Office: 204 Graves Hall

This department requires the completion of at least 120 semester hours as specified below and leads to the bachelor of science in education degree and the Alabama Class B (K-6) Professional Certificate. MUE 385 requires as a prerequisite either MUE 107 Basic Skills in Music (2 hours) or demonstrated equivalent skills.

The undergraduate catalog is published at two-year intervals. Program advising sheets are updated much more frequently and are thus likely to provide the most up-to-date information on degree and other requirements. Students should always obtain the most recent advising sheets, available from academic advisors and in 104 Carmichael Hall. Further information on recommended course sequences should also be obtained from 204 Graves Hall.


Since the fall semester of 1996, there has been a competitive admission process for entering the elementary education professional semesters. There is a limitation on enrollment for these semesters. Meeting the minimum criteria for the teacher education program (TEP) does not guarantee admission to these professional semesters. See program for admission procedures.

The student must complete the TEP application form, available from personnel in 104 Carmichael Hall. The requirements are as follows.

NOTE: The faculty reserves the right to make exceptions to the listed criteria based on individual circumstances. However, minimum Alabama State Department of Education requirements found elsewhere in this catalog must still be met.

TEP Admission Requirements

Additional Requirements

General Studies (See p. 175-177)60
Professional Studies and Teaching Field
The University of Alabama GPA—and, if transfer work, the overall GPA—must be at least 2.75 in the professional studies and teaching field courses.
Professional Semester 1
Students must register for the following 18 hours simultaneously. Admission to PTEP is required, and all required English coursework must have been completed.
Professional Studies
BEF 362 History, Philosophy, and Social Foundations of Education3
BEP 305 Educational Psychology3
CEE 320 Introduction to Elementary Education (K-6)3
CRD 369 Fundamentals of Reading Instruction (W)3
SPE 300 Survey of Special Education and Accommodation Strategies3
Teaching Field
MUE 385 Teaching Music in the Elementary School3
NOTE: MUE 107 is a prerequisite to MUE 385; however, students with previous musical training may elect to demonstrate equivalent skills through testing. Arrangements for testing can be made by contacting the Music Education office at (205) 348-6054.
NOTE: After successful completion of CEE 320 and posting of grades, students should be ready to apply formally to the Teacher Education Program. Applications are available from Student Services located at 104 Carmichael Hall. An original transcript must be attached prior to processing, and all other TEP admission requirements must be met.
Professional Semester 2
Students must register for the following 16 hours, which are taught in a block, simultaneously. NOTE: Admission to the TEP is a prerequisite for enrolling in these courses; all required mathematics coursework must be completed prior to Professional Semester 2.
Professional Studies
BER 450 Assessment Practices in Classroom Learning3
Teaching Field
CEE 365 Literature for Children3
One of the following reading courses:
    CEE 370 Beginning Reading and Language Arts in the
    Elementary School (W) or CEE 478 Expanding Reading and
    Language Arts Abilities in the Elementary School (W)3
CEE 380 Teaching Elementary Mathematics3
CEE 495 Practicum4
Professional Semester 3
After successful completion of professional semester 2, students must register for the following 16 hours, which are taught in a block, simultaneously. NOTE: All required science and social science/humanities coursework must be completed prior to Professional Semester 3.
Teaching Field
CEE 304 Teaching Elementary School Science3
CEE 366 Teaching the Social Sciences3
Reading course not previously taken:
    CEE 370 Beginning Reading and Language Arts in the
    Elementary School (W) or CEE 478 Expanding Reading and
    Language Arts Abilities in the Elementary School (W)3
CEE 495 Practicum4
HPE 364 Physical Education for Elementary Schools3
Professional Semester 4
CEE 497 Internship in Elementary Schools (K-6)9-12
NOTE: Elementary education students are required to complete two internship placements; therefore, students should enroll in equal hours of two sections of CEE 497. Students who need full-time status may enroll for six semester hours of each section.
Total: 120-122


By completing several additional requirements, a student fulfilling the requirements for elementary school (K-6) certification may also obtain middle-school certification in the same field. Those who hold middle-school certification may teach in their subject fields in grades four through eight; they are not eligible, however, to teach grades nine through 12. The additional requirements of the middle-school endorsement program may be secured in 104 Carmichael Hall.

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