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2004-2006 Undergraduate Catalog
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[College of Education]


The College of Education extensively utilizes the facilities and resources of the entire University, the community, and the schools. Administrative offices of the College are located in Carmichael Hall. In addition, this building provides space for classrooms and faculty offices, and the Office for Student Services and Certification. The following buildings and facilities are also used for College of Education programs: Graves Hall, Wilson Hall, Moore Hall, Foster Auditorium, Garland Hall, Moody Music Building, the Coliseum, the Natatorium, the athletic field, the Student Recreation Center, University tennis courts, and the University Golf Center.

The John Rankin McLure Education Library, adjacent to Graves Hall, is for the support of professional education programs. Included in the library's collection are books on all subjects in the field of education, a Curriculum Materials Center, a complete and continuously updated ERIC (Education Resources Information Clearinghouse) collection, an HPER/kinesiology microfiche collection, and an elementary-school library. A young-adult collection is housed in Gorgas (Main) Library.

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