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2004-2006 Undergraduate Catalog
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[College of Communication and Information Sciences]


Academic Advising

Each student must contact the appropriate departmental office to be assigned an academic advisor, who assists in planning the course of study and registering for classes. It is the responsibility of each student to consult faculty advisors and to select and register for the courses that are necessary to make reasonable progress, within the time period desired, toward meeting all degree requirements. This responsibility extends to seeing that all prere­quisites have been fulfilled before registering for courses that have such requirements.

Any student who needs assistance with selecting courses, determining academic progress, or addressing difficulties with coursework may make an appointment with an academic advisor, another College faculty member, or any faculty member of the University.

Counseling and Testing Service

The College of Communication and Information Sciences does not maintain a career/vocational testing service. However, the services of the University Career Center (located in Ferguson Center) are available to students at no cost. Information from vocational aptitude tests can be useful in selecting a major and minor course of study and choosing a career.

Internship, Practicum, and Cooperative Education Experiences

The faculty of the College of Communication and Information Sciences views the internship as a useful part of the College's curriculum and encourages internship, practicum, and other field experiences. The supervised internship or practicum—accomplished through the joint efforts of the student, the College, and the employer—is one of the best ways to gain actual work experience. All students are urged to investigate the advantages of the College's internship and practicum program by contacting the placement director in 297 Phifer Hall and/or the departmental advisor.

Each student may take a total of only 3 hours of internship or practicum courses. Before registering for any internship or practicum hours, a student must have taken relevant courses in the major and must have earned at least 60 hours of credit. He or she must also have a grade point average of 2.5 or higher in the major in order to be eligible for internship or practicum hours.

Cooperative education (Co-op) is an academic program in which the student alternates periods of full-time study with full-time employment. This program offers work related to the student's major or career interests, greatly enhancing future employment prospects. For more information, see the section on the Cooperative Education Program in "Special Academic Programs," p. 58.

Job Placement

The College of Communication and Information Sciences maintains the Job Placement Office (297 Phifer Hall) to complement the services of the University Career Center. All College of Communication and Information Sciences students are expected to register with both the Job Placement Office and the Career Center prior to the end of the junior year (no later than the beginning of the senior year). Both services put students in contact with employers and invite employers to send representatives to the campus to discuss career opportunities. The Job Placement Office also provides information on part-time employment.

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