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2004-2006 Undergraduate Catalog
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[College of Communication and Information Sciences]


Recognition of Academic Achievement

The faculty of the College of Communication and Information Sciences recognizes high academic achievement by designating three classes of graduation honors:

The minimum averages of 3.9, 3.7, and 3.5 cannot be achieved by rounding. Averages are calculated based on performance in all courses in which the student was enrolled prior to receiving the degree.

University Honors Program

Qualified students in the College of Communication and Information Sciences are encouraged to participate in the University Honors Program. Complete information is contained in the University Honors Program section of this catalog. The University Honors Program office is located in 111 Temple Tutwiler Hall. Inquiries may be sent to The University of Alabama, Director of the University Honors Program, Box 870169, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0169.

Honors Week

Each spring, a week is set aside for the recognition of students' and faculty members' excellence in leadership and scholarship. During Honors Week, departmental and other awards are presented to those students who have demonstrated outstanding scholastic achievement and citizenship.

College of Communication and Information Sciences Scholarships and Financial Aid

For information on need-based financial aid and scholarships available from the University, visit the Guide to Undergraduate Scholarships online at and request other publications from The University of Alabama, Student Financial Aid, Box 870162, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0162; (205) 348-6756; or visit the website The section "Student Financial Aid and Scholarships" in this catalog also has information.

The College of Communication and Information Sciences has a section of scholarships listed in the Guide to Undergraduate Scholarships. Please note that the priority application deadline is December 1. Applications must be postmarked by January 15.

There are seven College-wide scholarships available to students in any communication major. The Alabama Power Scholarship, which provides $1,000 a year, is available to one full-time communication premajor or major (freshman through junior standing). The recipient must be a legal resident of Alabama. The Mel Allen Memorial Scholarship, which provides $1,000 per year, is presented to an outstanding freshman. The Capstone Communication Society Memorial Endowed Scholarship provides two or three $1,000 scholarships each year for freshman through junior communication premajors or majors. The Oliver H. Delchamps Jr. Endowed Scholarship provides two $1,000 scholarships to full-time communication majors or premajors (freshman through graduate standing). The James T. and Joanne Lynagh Endowed Minority Scholarship provides $1,000 per year to an outstanding minority full-time student majoring in communication (freshman through junior standing). The Ione Hendrick Roche Memorial Endowed Scholarship provides at least one $1,000 scholarship each year to a full-time student in the College of Communication and Information Sciences; minority women receive preference. Several J. Kelly Sisk Scholarships are available, each providing about $1,000 annually; three or four of these are normally awarded to entering freshmen. Other scholarships and loans are available from time to time.

The scholarships listed below are specific to individual majors.

Advertising and public relations. The Delchamps Endowed Scholarship provides one $1,000 undergraduate scholarship and one $1,000 graduate scholarship each year to outstanding full-time advertising or public relations students. Priority is given to students from Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, or Tennessee. The Intermark-Harvill Endowed Scholarship provides one $1,000 scholarship per year to an outstanding full-time student pursuing an undergraduate degree in advertising; the recipient will have an opportunity to apply for an internship with Intermark Group Inc. The Melson-Roche Leadership Scholarship Award in Advertising and Public Relations provides approximately $1,000 each year to a full-time freshman classified as an out-of-state resident who intends to pursue a degree in advertising or public relations. The Betsy Plank Endowed Scholarship in Public Relations provides approximately $1,000 to an outstanding full-time student who is a rising junior or senior pursuing a degree in public relations and interested in a public relations career. Priority to students who demonstrate high potential and exceptional promise as a public relations professional. The recipient should also be a member of PRCA/PRSSA. The Tuscaloosa Advertising Federation Scholarship provides approximately $500 per year to a full-time advertising major from any state in the Seventh District of the American Advertising Federation (Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee). The Tuscaloosa News/Jamie Tucker Endowed Memorial Scholarship provides full tuition annually for one full-time undergraduate student with junior standing who intends to pursue a degree in advertising. Preference will be given to students from the Tuscaloosa area who demonstrate financial need.

Communication studies. The Department of Communication Studies offers scholarships to undergraduate students in any University division. The department awards 20 Alabama High-School Forensics League Scholarships, which cover in-state tuition for students interested in participating in the forensics program. The Mary D. Bauer Endowed Scholarship provides one $500 renewable scholarship for a student pursuing a degree in communication studies (preference is given to a student who graduated from Enterprise High School and/or Enterprise State Junior College, then to an undergraduate communication studies student). The Cooper, Mitch, Crawford, Kuykendall, and Whatley Forensics Scholarship provides one $1,500 renewable scholarship for a minority undergraduate or graduate student participating in forensics and/or pursuing a degree in the Department of Communication Studies (preference is given to undergraduate students who participate in forensics, then to graduate students who serve as forensics assistants, and finally to undergraduate and graduate communication studies students). Also, the department annually awards the W. T. Goodloe Rutland Endowed Scholarship, a grant of approximately $1,500, to a student interested in studying communication studies (preference is given to entering freshmen).

Journalism. The H. M. Ayers Endowed Scholarship in Creative Journalism funds one or more scholarships to graduate and advanced undergraduate students in journalism. Journalism majors may apply for the Boone Newspapers Inc. Scholarship (one awarded annually) and for the Buford Boone Memorial Scholarships (four awarded annually). Each scholarship provides tuition and fees for one academic year. In addition, the Buford Boone Memorial Endowed Scholarship provides for two or three $1,000 awards annually to junior or senior communication majors; priority is given to students who work part-time while attending college. The Boone Memorial Arts and Sciences/Journalism Scholarship goes to an advanced undergraduate journalism student. The Wilfred Galbraith Endowed Scholarship provides two $1,000 scholarships per year to outstanding future journalists with financial need (freshman through master's student standing). The Frances and Carroll Kirkpatrick Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Journalism provides $1,000 per year to a journalism major. Minority students may apply for the Knight Foundation Scholarships of $500 and $1,000. The Mobile Press Register Business Journalism Scholarships and Fellowships are three $1,000 undergraduate scholarships and one $2,000 graduate fellowship awarded annually to students who have declared journalism majors and business administration minors. The Shelton Prince Endowed Memorial Scholarship provides funding to students planning to pursue careers in communication, preferably newspapers. One or more scholarships will be awarded annually, and the scholarship will be extended for a minimum of two years and a maximum of four years. The Charles W. Scarritt Memorial Scholarship provides approximately $500 annually to outstanding juniors and seniors. The Hugh W. Sparrow Memorial Fund awards several $500 grants annually, and the Alf Van Hoose Endowed Journalism Scholarship gives one or more annual awards of $1,000. The Carmage and Martha Ann Walls Endowed Scholarship in Print Journalism in the amount of $1,500 per year is awarded to students with an interest in community journalism.

Telecommunication and film. Telecommunication and film majors may apply for the Louise and Henry Poellnitz Johnston Endowed Scholarship (which provides about $350 annually) and the Eloise and Charles Poellnitz Johnston Memorial Fund (which provides annual awards of about $600) are for students with financial need (entering freshmen through juniors). The Bob Jones Memorial Endowed Scholarship (about $300) and the "Pap" Dunnavant Scholarship (covering tuition and fees for one academic year) are also awarded annually to students in telecommunication and film. The WBMG-TV Endowed Scholarship provides approximately $500 per year to a full-time telecommunication major, freshman through junior. Priority is given to minority students.

The priority application deadline for all scholarships is December 1. Applications will be accepted until January 15.

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