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2004-2006 Undergraduate Catalog
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[Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration]


The modern business environment is truly global and the dual major provides students the training necessary to succeed in that environment. The dual-major student completes a degree and a major in management, marketing, finance, or economics, as well as a second major in French, German, Spanish, or Russian. The result is a superior skill set derived from cutting-edge business training and thorough study of a language and the culture associated with it. Such a program creates students who are technically proficient, culturally sensitive, and flexible enough to deal with the business challenges of the future.

A total of 129 to 135 hours, distributed as follows, are required for the bachelor of science degree.

General Education Courses
Required CoursesHours
CS 1023
EC 110 and EC 1116
EN 101 and EN 1026
MATH 112 and MATH 121 or
    MATH 115 and MATH 1256
ST 2603
Restricted Non-Commerce Electives26
Natural science. Eight semester hours of science courses designated N, including two semester hours of laboratory experience.
Humanities and fine arts. Twelve semester hours consisting of at least 3 hours of literature* and at least 3 hours in the arts. The remaining 6 hours are to be chosen from the humanities, literature, and/or fine arts.
History and social and behavioral sciences. Twelve semester hours with at least 3 hours in history* and at least 6 hours chosen from among other disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences. EC 110 and EC 111 (required above) satisfy 6 hours of this requirement.
*Each student must complete a 6-semester-hour sequence in either literature or history.
Foreign language or computer language. Completion of the major program in foreign language will satisfy this requirement.
Business Administration Functional Field Courses
Lower Division
AC 210 Introduction to Accounting4
LGS 200 Legal Environment of Business3
Upper Division
Applicants to the upper division of the Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration must have completed at least 61 semester hours prior to admission to the upper division. The 61 hours should be chosen from the requirements listed above and must include degree credit for EC 110 and EC 111; MATH 112 and MATH 121 or MATH 115 and MATH 125; EN 101 and EN 102; CS 102; AC 210; ST 260 and LGS 200 (or their equivalents); and at least 4 hours of natural science, 3 hours of fine arts, literature, or humanities, and 3 hours of history or social and behavioral sciences. Failure to earn degree credit for these specific courses and to earn at least 61 semester hours in all may make students ineligible for admission to the upper division and for enrollment in 300- and 400-level C&BA courses.
FI 302 Business Finance3
GBA 490 Strategic Management (or departmental strategy course)3
MGT 300 Organizational Theory and Behavior3
MGT 395 Managerial Communication Strategy3
MKT 300 Marketing3
OM 300 Introduction to Production Management3
Dual-Major Program Courses
Choose one of the following four business majors:
EC 308 Intermediate Microeconomics3
EC 309 Intermediate Macroeconomics3
EC 389 Computerized Management Information Systems3
EC 430 International Economics3
EC 431 International Finance3
EC 441 International Financial Management3
EC 450 History of Economic Thought3
FI 301 Financial Institutions and Markets3
IBA 350 Introduction to World Business3
EC 308 Intermediate Microeconomics3
EC 309 Intermediate Macroeconomics3
FI 301 Financial Institutions and Markets3
FI 410 Intermediate Financial Management3
FI 389 Computerized Management Information Systems3
FI 412 Money and Capital Markets3
FI 431 International Finance3
FI 441 International Financial Management3
IBA 350 Introduction to World Business3
IBA 350 Introduction to World Business3
MGT 320 Leadership3
MGT 301 Introduction to Human Resources Management3
MGT 386 Foundations of Entrepreneurship3
MIS 385 Introduction to Information Systems3
Choose two of the following:
EC 430 International Economics
EC 453 Comparative Economic Systems
FI 431 International Finance
FI 441 International Financial Management
MGT\IBA 351 Multinational Business Communication
MGT\IBA 459 Seminar in International Management
MKT 455 International Marketing
PSC\IBA 434 International Political Economy6
C&BA International Business Electives6
IBA 350 Introduction to World Business3
MKT 313 Consumer Behavior3
MKT 385 Marketing Information Systems3
MKT 455 International Marketing3
MKT 460 Export/Import Management3
MKT 473 Marketing Research3
MKT 487 Strategic Marketing3
C&BA International Business Elective3
C&BA International Business Elective3
Choose one of the following four language majors:
FR 321 Advanced Conversation3
FR 322 Advanced Grammar3
FR 324 Commercial French3
FR 331 French Civilization3
FR 341 French Literature3
FR 351 French Literature II3
FR 431 Contemporary Civilization3
Choose two from the following:
FR 421 Advanced Conversation and Phonetics
FR 461 French Linguistics
FR 470 Undergraduate Seminar
FR 480 Special Topics
FR 484 Advanced Conversation and Phonetics in France6
GN 101 Beginning German I and
    GN 102 Beginning German II7
GN 201 Intermediate German I and
    GN 202 Intermediate German II7
GN 111 Intensive Beginning German I and
    GN 112 Intensive Beginning German II12
GN 361 Intermediate Conversation and Composition3
GN 365 Business German I3
GN 371 German Culture and Civilization I3
GN 372 German Culture and Civilization II3
GN 403 German Literature3
GN 450 Business German II3
300- or 400-level GN elective if
    GN 111 and GN 112 are chosen3
RUS 223 Nineteenth Century Literature or
    RUS 224 Twentieth Century Literature3
RUS 251 Russian Culture3
RUS 252 Russian Folklore3
RUS 309 Advanced Conversation I or
    RUS 361 Advanced Grammar I3
RUS 310 Advanced Conversation II or RUS 363 Advanced Grammar II3
RUS 327 Business Russian3
Choose three of the following:
RUS 401 Directed Readings
RUS 402 Directed Readings
RUS 425 Readings in the Russian Press
RUS 433 Special Topics in Russian Literature
RUS 434 Special Topics in Russian Culture and Civilization
RUS 435 Russian Film
RUS 440 Russian Phonetics9
SP 353 Spanish Conversation3
SP 356 Spanish Grammar/Composition3
SP 360 Commercial Spanish3
SP 364 Spanish Civilization3
SP 366 Spanish/American Civilization3
Choose two of the following:
SP 371 Spanish Literature9
SP 372 Spanish Literature
SP 375 Spanish/American Literature
SP 376 Spanish/American Literature6
SP 400-level elective3
SP 400-level elective3
Total for B.S. degree: 129-135 hours

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