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2004-2006 Undergraduate Catalog
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[College of Arts and Sciences]


Department of Biological Sciences
Office: 319 Biology Building

The College of Arts and Sciences offers interdisciplinary marine science double-major programs (marine science/biology, marine science/chemistry, or marine science/geology) leading to the bachelor of science degree. These double-major curricula give the student a focused exposure to include general education requirements, single disciplinary requirements, and the interdisciplinary courses that represent studies in the field of marine science. A minor in marine science is available to students whose major fields are biology, chemistry, or geology.

Some marine science courses are listed within the biological sciences listings. During summer terms, a larger suite of marine sciences courses are available at the Dauphin Island campus of the Alabama Marine Environmental Sciences Consortium. Registration for the summer suite of marine science courses is through the College of Continuing Studies.

Requirements for the double-major degree program. The requirements of the marine science double-major program are described as follows. A minimum of 12 hours at the 300 or 400 level in each major must be earned on this campus.

General Education Requirements

See University of Alabama Core Curriculum requirements, p. 24, and College of Arts and Sciences general education requirements, p. 64. As part of, or in addition to, University and College requirements, marine science students must complete ST 260.

Interdisciplinary Major in Marine ScienceHours
CH 101 or CH 117 and CH 102 or CH 1188
BSC 114:115 or BSC 118 and BSC 116:117 or BSC 1208
GEO 101 and GEO 102 (or GEO 202)8
PH 101 and PH 102, or PH 105 and PH 1068
MS 3041 4
MS 3062 4
MS 3212
MS 4484
MS elective2

1Geology majors may substitute MS 400.
2Biology majors may substitute a 300- or 400-level MS course with a biological emphasis.

Single Department Major

Each student chooses one of the following:

Requirements for the minor in marine science. The interdisciplinary marine science minor must include BSC 114:115, BSC 116:1171 or GEO 101 and GEO 102 (or GEO 202)2. BSC/MS electives may include BSC/MS 306, BSC/MS 321, BSC/MS 408, and MS 448. GEO electives may include GEO 355, GEO 367, GEO 418, GEO 419, and GEO 453. A total of 22 interdisciplinary hours is required for the minor. A minimum of 6 hours at the 300 or 400 level must be earned on this campus.

1Biology majors must take GEO 101 and GEO 102.
2Geology majors must take BSC 114:115 and BSC 116:117.

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