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2004-2006 Undergraduate Catalog
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Professor David Shankman, Director
Office: 202 Farrah Hall

Environmental science is an interdisciplinary program leading to the bachelor of science degree. The objectives of the program are to provide students with a broad interdisciplinary science background focusing on physical geography, environmental geology, and ecology. The basic science requirements provide the necessary groundwork for advanced environmental studies and include all prerequisites for upper-division coursework. The variety of courses in both earth and biological sciences allows some choice of concentration within the program. Additional requirements include geographical techniques and statistics.

Admission requirements. A cumulative grade point average of 2.500 is required for acceptance as a major in environmental science.

Requirements for the major in environmental science. The environmental science major requires 56 hours as specified below. A minimum of 36 hours must be earned at the 300- or 400-level, including 12 hours in the major and 6 hours outside the major on this campus. No minor is required.

Basic Sciences (31 hours)
BSC 114 Principles of Biology I and lab3/1
BSC 116 Principles of Biology II and lab3/1
BSC 485 General Ecology3
CH 101 General Chemistry I4
CH 102 General Chemistry II4
GEO 101 Introduction to Geology I4
GEO 202 Environmental Geology4
GY 101 Principles of Physical Geography I4
Earth Science and Biological Science Courses
(16 hours with a minimum of 6 hours in biology
    and 3 hours in both geography and geology)
GY 410 Water Resources 3
GY 467 Topics in Global Environmental Change3
GY 483 Environmental Science Internship3
GY 486 Drainage Basin Dynamics3
GEO 363 Geomorphology3
GEO 399 Undergraduate Research in Geology3
GEO 406 Hydrogeology3
GEO 460 Watershed Hydrology3
GEO 470 General Geochemistry3
BSC 360 Plant Biology4
BSC 371 Biology of Lower Plants4
BSC 373 Vertebrate Zoology4
BSC 376 Invertebrate Zoology4
BSC 408 Marine Vertebrate Zoology4
BSC 412 Limnology3
BSC 413 Limnology Lab1
BSC 415 Ecology of Aquatic Plants and Wetland/Ecosystems3
BSC 416 Aquatic Vascular Plants4
BSC 428 Biology of Fishes3
BSC 434 Plant Taxonomy4
BSC 456 Microbial Ecology3
BSC 472 Mycology3
BSC 475 General Entomology4
BSC 476 Aquatic Insects4
BSC 482 Conservation Biology3
BSC 484 Aquatic Biology Seminar1
BSC 489 Forest Ecology (same as GY 489)4
BSC 490 Stream Ecology4
Environmental Management and Planning (3 hours)
GY 339 Natural Resource and Environmental Planning3
GY 452 Environmental Decision Making3
Geographical and Environmental Techniques (3 hours)
GY 330 Computer Mapping and Graphics3
GY 420 Remote Sensing4
GY 430 Geographic Information Systems4
BSC 417 Environmental Modeling3
Statistics (3 hours)
ST 260 Statistical Methods 3
PY 211 Elementary Statistical Methods3

A Suggested Sequence of Courses for the Environmental Science Major
First Semester
GY 1014
EN 1013
CH 1014
Second Semester
GEO 1014
EN 1023
CH 1024
Fine arts13
First Semester
BSC 1143
BSC 1151
EN 205 or EN 2093
History or social and behavioral sciences13
MATH 1254
Second Semester
BSC 1163
BSC 1171
EN 206 or EN 2103
Social and behavioral sciences13
MATH 1263
First Semester
GEO 2023
BSC 4853
GY Technique3-4
ST 260 or PY 2113
Social and behavioral sciences13
Second Semester
GY/GEO course3-4
BSC course3-4
CS 1143
CS 1161
First Semester
GY/GEO course3-4
CS 1243
300-level elective3
Electives 6
Second Semester
GY/GEO course3-4
BSC course3-4
CS 2263
GY/GEO course or elective3-4
Total: At least 120

1A maximum of 6 hours in any one department may be applied to the humanities, literature, and fine arts (HU, L, FA) and history and social and behavioral sciences (HI, SB) requirements.
2Six hours of writing courses designated W must be included in the junior or senior year. A minimum of 36 hours in 300- and 400-level courses, including at least 12 hours in the major and 6 hours outside the major, must be completed on this campus.

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