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2004-2006 Undergraduate Catalog
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[College of Arts and Sciences]


Student Services Center

The Arts and Sciences Student Services Center provides assistance to undergraduates. It is located in 200 Clark Hall. Services to undergraduates available through the center include academic bankruptcy; advising for premajor and preprofessional students; application for acceptance into the major and minor; assistance with academic planning; change of division; change of major or minor; degree applications and graduation certification; freshman seminar; general information about academic policies and procedures; independent study applications and approvals; junior year advising audits; schedule changes; scholarship information; services for prospective students; services for entering students; special permissions to drop courses, to take overloads, to audit classes, and to reconcile time conflicts; and transfer credit evaluation for incoming students and pre-approval of transfer credit for enrolled students.

Academic Advising

Students in the College of Arts and Sciences are urged to make full use of the College's coordinated program of academic advising. Preprofessional (pre-education, prelaw, premedical, predental, etc.) and premajor advising is available through the Clark Advising Program located in 200 Clark Hall. Advising related to major and minor programs is available in the various academic departments that make up the College.

Clark Advising Program

200 Clark Hall

Pre-education program. Freshman and sophomore students who enter The University of Alabama intending to complete certain degrees in the College of Education begin their careers as College of Arts and Sciences students and are served by the Pre-Education Advising Program. Through careful advising that blends knowledge of A&S curricula and professional education requirements, students are assisted in planning general education coursework appropriate to the fields of teacher education in which they are interested.

Pre-health professions program. The preparation of physicians, dentists, optometrists, physical therapists, and other health professionals is both an important and unique area within higher education. At The University of Alabama, students preparing for study in the health professions constitute one of the largest career-oriented groups on campus. The distinctive characteristics of the training of health professionals stem in part from the truly interdisciplinary nature of the process. Training for the health fields includes in one way or another almost all areas of knowledge and does not focus on a single traditional discipline. Also unique about the process is the competitive status of admission to health-professions schools and the resulting higher level of concern and anxiety among students who are potential applicants.

The Pre-Health Professions Advising Program at the University provides students with advisors who have specific knowledge of the requirements and recommended preparation for study in the health professions. The following pre-health professions programs are available at The University of Alabama: predental (see p. 106), premedical (see p. 107), pre-occupational therapy (see p. 107), preoptometry (see p. 108), prepharmacy (see p. 108), pre-physical therapy (see p. 109), and pre-veterinary medicine (see p. 110).

Prelaw studies. The College of Arts and Sciences offers a prelaw curriculum compatible with a wide variety of majors and minors in the College. Designed to meet each student's special needs and interests, the prelaw curriculum encourages students to include in their programs courses that will ensure their acquisition of a broad undergraduate education and a variety of academic skills, especially the ability to write with clarity and style. See p. 106 for specific program information.

Premajor studies. The College of Arts and Sciences offers a program designed especially for freshman and sophomore students who wish to make progress toward their degrees at the same time that they decide about their majors and minors. Through premajor studies, students complete general education requirements at the same rate as students with declared majors. Premajor studies offers academic advising and opportunities for study in a number of fields, so that students may make informed decisions about a major field of study. This program works cooperatively with the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Career Center, the departments of the College, and other UA academic divisions. See p. 107.

Departmental Advising

Faculty in each department advise students as to their majors or minors and their general degree requirements. As soon as a decision about a major or minor is made, the student should consult with a departmental advisor.

Departmental Honors Programs

Departmental honors programs are available to superior students in the departments of biological sciences, chemistry, English, geology, history, physics, and psychology. These programs offer honors courses and other special opportunities for study in the department. (Also see the departmental honors program information on p. 73, 73, 80, 85, 85, 104, and 110 of this catalog.)

Blount Undergraduate Initiative

The Blount Undergraduate Initiative is a four-year program that enriches undergraduate liberal arts education. All entering freshmen in the College of Arts and Sciences, regardless of their choices of majors and minors, are eligible to apply for admission. This is a four-year program with courses and other activities that emphasize the connectedness of knowledge and the importance of faculty-student learning partnerships. See page 73.

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