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2004-2006 Undergraduate Catalog
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[College of Arts and Sciences]


Friends of the Sarah Moody Gallery of Art. The Friends of the Gallery was established in 1985 to provide support for the gallery. The friends act to enlarge the University's permanent art collection, enhance its annual exhibitions, and provide maintenance support for the permanent collection. For further information on gallery programs, call (205) 348-1891.

Leadership Board. The College of Arts and Sciences Leadership Board consists of alumni and friends who provide three important elements necessary for student and faculty achievement: financial support, personal friendship and support, and influence.

The Leadership Board serves as an advisory board to the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences on matters related to the growth and development of the College's private endowment, which now totals $30 million, and on the administration of the Collegiate Fund. Leadership Board members also serve as representatives of the College in the recruitment of students; assist students with professional internship and work experiences; lend their energy and influence to the advancement of teaching and research; help to develop working relationships between board members and faculty and to enrich student experiences.

The board supports student scholarships from funds that include the Collegiate Fund Endowed Scholarship Fund. It also provides for the Leadership Board Faculty Fellowships, the annual faculty Outstanding Commitment to Teaching Award, and sponsors or contributes to a number of special events in the College. In addition, the board enables the fundraising efforts of the College.

Individual departments or programs in the College of Arts and Sciences also have alumni support groups.

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