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2004-2006 Undergraduate Catalog
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The Division of Environmental and Industrial Programs provides noncredit technical training for personnel engaged in the identification, evaluation, and control of environmental, health, and safety hazards. Certifications mandated by government agencies are available for individuals involved with asbestos and lead-based paint.

The division administers Safe State, the state of Alabama's on-site safety and health consultation program, which provides free expertise to businesses and industries desiring to eliminate safety and health hazards affecting their employees. The division's Environmental Programs section is the governor's designee for accreditation of asbestos and lead-based paint abatement personnel and provides assistance in environmental areas such as mold, asbestos, and lead-based paint detection.

Through numerous contract and grant activities, the division is actively involved in programs designed to promote and facilitate voluntary compliance with governmental regulations and to improve workplace safety and health.

For more information, visit our website at or call (205) 348-3025.

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