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2004-2006 Undergraduate Catalog
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[College of Continuing Studies]


The Division of Professional Management and Development Programs offers more than 300 programs for executives and professionals who want an opportunity to be promoted within their fields or change to new disciplines.

Professional training is offered in one of four formats:

The division meets the in-house training needs of organizations by bringing the classroom into the corporate facility. The division works closely with corporate executives to design cutting-edge training and frequently expands programming in order to meet market demands.

Professional training is offered in a variety of disciplines:

The division also provides administrative and management services to associations that want to expand their support capabilities.

Discounts are available to corporate customers through the Capstone Training Network (CTN), a membership organization that delivers specific, high-quality training programs to members in a "just-in-time" manner.

For more information, call (205) 348-6222; or visit our website at

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