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[Support Programs and Services for Students]


The UA Police Department is a comprehensive, accredited police department of sworn officers with full arrest powers. These state-certified police officers patrol the academic and residential areas of campus 24 hours a day in patrol cars, by bike, and on foot.

Other services offered by University Police include the following and can be utilized by calling (205) 348-5454, unless otherwise specified:

Medical Emergencies: 911

If someone on campus needs emergency medical care, call 911. The call will reach the UA Police Department. Usually, a police officer will be the first emergency official to arrive. Tell the officer what happened; then move away from the victim unless you're administering CPR. Stay in the area, however, in case more information is needed. In addition to police, a local ambulance service and paramedics from the Tuscaloosa Fire Department will respond.

When you call 911, remember these important points:

Fire Emergencies: 911

In the event of a fire on or off campus, sound the nearest fire alarm in the building. Then call 911. Tell the communications operator your name and address, and the location and extent of the fire. If you know of any persons with disabilities in the building, tell the communications officer about them. If you think it's possible, confine the fire by closing nearby windows and doors. In no case should you linger in a building in which smoke or fumes threaten to overcome you.

The building should be evacuated quickly and calmly. Do not use elevators to leave the building, but follow the lighted exit signs to the closest fire exit. Whenever possible, follow the evacuation route posted in the building. An escort should be assigned to each person with a disability in the building.

Meet emergency officials outside the building and direct them to the fire. Remain outside at a safe distance, and keep others away from the building and from emergency vehicles. In all cases, follow the instructions of fire and police personnel on the scene.

Fire prevention tips are available from Environmental Health and Safety (205-348-5905). Just using common sense will go a long way toward preventing fires. For example, never smoke in bed or leave burning candles unattended.

Homeland Security Emergencies

If you receive a threat, or are made aware of a threat, that could affect the well-being or safety of the University community, contact University Police immediately at 911 or (205) 348-5454. Provide as much information about the situation as possible. University Police will respond to, analyze, and evaluate the situation to determine the next course of action.

For more information on University Police services, consult the Safer Living Guide, available at the main desk of Gorgas Hall. This guide to safety on and off campus includes tips for safe walking, cycling, and driving; and safety measures you can take in UA residence halls or off-campus apartments. Visit our website at The UA Annual Campus Security Report containing crime statistics as well as crime prevention policies and procedures is available online at our website at

Environmental Health and Safety

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety focuses on fire and environmental safety on campus through frequent inspections of campus buildings and facilities; for more information on this office's services, call (205) 348-5905.

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