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2004-2006 Undergraduate Catalog
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[Student Financial Aid]


All students at The University of Alabama who receive federal financial aid must make satisfactory progress toward completion of their degrees within a reasonable period of time. The University's standing committee on financial aid has approved the following standards defining satisfactory progress, in accord with regulations issued by the U.S. Department of Education:

Undergraduate students

An undergraduate student is considered to be making satisfactory progress if he or she

Minimum scholastic requirements. In order to maintain the minimum scholastic requirements, the student must maintain the minimum GPA indicated below according to the number of credit hours earned (including transfer credit).

Credit hours earned Required UA GPA
0-30 1.5
31-60 1.7
61-90 1.9
91 or more 2.0

Measurable progress requirement. In order to maintain measurable progress toward the completion of their degrees, students must successfully complete 67 percent of all University of Alabama credit hours attempted. (Hours attempted include repeated courses, dropped courses, withdrawals, and incomplete courses.) This measure becomes effective when a student has attempted 24 University of Alabama credit hours.

Reasonable length of time requirement. At The University of Alabama, a reasonable length of time for the completion of a degree program is generally defined as no more than 150 percent of the normal time required to complete a degree program. Coursework that transfers into a degree program will adjust the time frame accordingly.

A student who is working toward a degree level he or she has already completed or exceeded (i.e., second bachelor's degree) will have his or her reasonable length of time established at no more than 100 percent of the normal length of the program minus any coursework that transfers into the program.


Graduate and law students are considered to be making satisfactory progress if they comply with the academic regulations and time frames described in the UA Graduate School catalog or the UA School of Law catalog, respectively.


A student who becomes ineligible for financial aid because he or she does not maintain satisfactory progress toward completion of his or her degree may reapply for financial aid when he or she has cleared the deficiency and is again progressing satisfactorily according to the requirements outlined above. When mitigating circumstances are involved, a student may appeal a decision that he or she has not complied with the academic requirements for financial aid.

In order to appeal, the student must do the following:

The appeal will be reviewed by an appeal board and a decision made within two weeks. Appeals may be accepted without provision, or they may be accepted provisionally, entailing a probationary period in which the student must earn a given number of credit hours. Appeals may also be denied. It is the student's responsibility to initiate any appeal for financial aid eligibility. Appeals for academic reinstatement granted by the University registrar or the Office of Undergraduate Admissions do not constitute reinstatement of financial aid eligibility.


For information about withdrawing from courses or from the University, and about the impact of withdrawal on federal financial aid, see the sections "Student Records and General Academic Policies," p. 19, and "Tuition and Other Expenses," p. 27.

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