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2004-2006 Undergraduate Catalog
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[Tuition and Other Expenses]


A copy of each student's class schedule and the registration bill will be mailed to the student's permanent address in late July for the fall semester; late November for the spring semester; and late April for the summer term. The schedules/bills will contain instructions for completing the enrollment confirmation process and making payment, if required, by a specified date. Schedules that are not confirmed by the deadline will be canceled.

A student registering for courses after the registration bill mail-out date will not receive a registration bill through the mail. The student must go online to to view/print/pay his or her account or contact the Office of Student Receivables.

Continuing students who register after the confirmation deadline will be charged a $25.00 late registration fee.

For current billing dates and confirmation dates, go online to and click on Payment Deadlines/Confirmation.

Enrollment confirmation with required payment may be made through the mail by check or credit card; on the Web ( or by telephone (205-348-4470) with a credit card; or in person at the Office of Student Receivables (105 Student Services Center) by cash, check, or credit card. Confirmation when no payment is required can be made via the Web ( or in person, by mail, or by telephone (205-348-5350).

If all or a portion of a student's registration expenses are to be paid by some type of financial aid or by a sponsoring agency and the registration bill does not reflect this actual or anticipated transaction, it is the student's responsibility to provide written evidence of this support to the Office of Student Receivables.

To verify that confirmation has been received, check your student account on Tide Guide ( or call ALBERT at (205) 348-0700.

Payment of registration charges with a check that is subsequently returned from the bank unpaid will result in an additional late registration fee and a returned check fee. Failure to clear a returned check taken in payment for registration charges will result in administrative withdrawal from classes. Once this action is taken, the student cannot be reinstated for the semester, but will owe the prorated portion of the charges for tuition and dorm room charges, as specified in "Withdrawal from the University."

All charges collected during the registration process are subject to correction for errors in calculation, to ensure that correct amounts are collected as required by the board of trustees and current policies of the University.

BAMA Plan Installment Payment Option

The BAMA Plan, Bama's Affordable Monthly Alternative, is a simple, monthly budget approach to paying tuition, residence hall, Dining Dollars, and optional campus meal plan charges for the academic year (fall and spring semesters). The 10 manageable monthly installments begin in June. Late application is possible through July—with a larger initial payment. BAMA Plan convenience can be yours, interest-free, for just a $55.00 annual participation fee.

Signing up for the BAMA Plan and making payments toward anticipated registration expenses do not ensure or affect class enrollment, dorm assignments, or meal plan purchases. Students must apply for dorm assignments through Residential Life, apply for meal plans through Bama Dining, enroll for classes in accordance with the Office of Academic Records and University Registrar procedures, and confirm the enrollment in accordance with the Office of Student Receivables procedures. Meal plan contracts must be completed and returned to Bama Dining by specified deadlines to be added to the student's registration bill.

Summer term charges are not eligible for the BAMA Plan.

For more information and an application on the BAMA Plan, go online to

Deferment of Registration Expenses

Students who meet the following eligibility requirements may defer up to one-half of the current semester charges for tuition, course fees, residence hall charges, Dining Dollars and meal plans:

The required payment of one-half of all current semester registration charges can be made by cash, check, money order, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover), financial aid applied to the student's account, faculty/staff or graduate student grants, sponsoring agency contracts, or anticipated financial aid verified by the Office of Student Financial Aid. The deferred amount plus a deferment fee, currently $30.00, is payable by the midpoint of the semester.

Financial aid (other than work-study) is applied to a student's account in payment of institutional charges. No refund will be made on ap­plied aid unless the student's account reflects a credit balance.

Meal plans contracted for after the student has confirmed registration for the semester must be paid in full at the Bama Dining office.

Use of Federal Financial Aid to Pay Prior Year Charges

Federal financial aid awarded for the current academic year cannot be used to pay any prior year outstanding balances (balances incurred during or prior to summer term) greater than $100.00. The prior balance must be paid by personal payment, regardless of the amount of aid anticipated or disbursed for the first enrollment period of the academic year, before enrollment can be confirmed.

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