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2004-2006 Undergraduate Catalog
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[Tuition and Other Expenses]


All costs listed below are based on Summer 2004 rates and are subject to change without notice. For the most current tuition rates, go online to Summer school consists of several sessions—a three-week Interim session and two five-week summer sessions. The rates below are per session.


Resident tuition (per hour) $169.00
Nonresident tuition (per hour) $477.00


Hours Enrolled     Tuition Charged
    Alabama Resident     Nonresident
1 $300.00* $608.00*
2 469.00* 1,085.00*
3 638.00* 1,582.00*
4 807.00* 2,039.00*
5 976.00   2,516.00  
6 1,145.00   2,993.00  

*Students registering for 1-4 hours in a summer session may choose to waive the activity/recreation privileges portion ($29.50 per session) and/or the health services portion ($16.50 per session) of University tuition, reducing what is owed by up to $46.00 per session. Students enrolled for 1-4 hours per session may do this provided they do not wish to use these privileges and services, including facilities, during the summer session(s). The student may elect to waive these privileges or services when paying the registration bill.

Dining Dollars—summer. All undergraduate students (who enrolled for the first time Summer 1996 or after) will be billed $50.00 Dining Dollars per session upon enrolling for 5 or more hours in a session. This charge will appear on the summer registration bill.

Auditing a course. Auditing a course does not affect the rate charged for the course.


Questions regarding resident and nonresident status should be directed to The University of Alabama, Office of Academic Records and University Registrar, Box 870134, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0134; (205) 348-4886; located in 206 Student Services Center;

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