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2004-2006 Undergraduate Catalog
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[Student Records and General Academic Policies]


To earn a second baccalaureate degree, the student must complete a minimum of 30 hours in residence at The University of Alabama over and above any hours earned for the first degree. Except in special circumstances approved by the dean, all of these additional hours must be completed in the division awarding the degree. A specific course required for both degrees will have to be taken only once. However, credit for such a course cannot be applied toward both the total hours required for the first degree and the additional hours required for the second degree.

A student may work toward two degrees simultaneously, but he or she must be enrolled in either one or the other of the two divisions awarding the degrees. The student is expected to obtain approval of the academic plan from these two divisions at a point when no fewer than 32 hours of coursework remain for the completion of one or both degrees.

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