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2004-2006 Undergraduate Catalog
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[Student Records and General Academic Policies]


To achieve a general education while pursuing a specific degree program in the College of Engineering, each undergraduate student enrolled in that college will construct a curriculum that includes coursework in the following areas:

  1. 6 semester hours of written composition (FC).

  2. 6 semester hours in 300- and 400-level courses, preferably in the student's major, approved for the writing (W) designation. The (W) designation indicates that one of the conditions for a passing grade is that students write coherent, logical, and carefully edited prose in a minimum of two papers, at least one of which will be graded and returned before midsemester. All (W) designated courses are taught and graded by instructors who have at least the master's degree and preferably are limited to an enrollment of no more than 35 students. The (W) requirement must be satisfied with courses taken on this campus.

  3. 9 semester hours of humanities (HU), literature (L), and fine arts (FA) area courses. 6 semester hours are required in a discipline. A 6-hour depth study is required and may be taken in either HU, L, and FA or HI and SB. There are no mandatory general education requirements for literature or fine arts, except as required for a specific engineering program.

  4. 9 semester hours of courses in the areas of history (HI) and social and behavioral sciences (SB), to include 6 semester hours in a discipline. A 6-hour depth study is required and may be taken in either HU, L, and FA or HI and SB. History may be included in in-depth courses.

  5. 12 semester hours of natural sciences (N) and mathematics (MA) area courses, to include 8 semester hours of calculus-based physics, including 2 hours of laboratory; and mathematics at the MATH 125 level and higher.

  6. Either 6 hours of foreign language (FL) or computer (C) are required in addition to the humanities requirement. FL courses can count as HU credit if 6 hours of C courses are earned.

  7. Preprofessional, major, and/or elective courses applicable to the student's declared major program of study. Students are to consult with their major departments/program areas for specific course designations that fulfill this requirement.

A course may be used to satisfy only one core requirement. For example, if a course carries a designation for both foreign language (FL) and humanities (HU), it may only bu used to satisfy one of these core requirements. An additional course or courses must be completed to satisfy the remaining requirement.

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