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2004-2006 Undergraduate Catalog
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[Student Records and General Academic Policies]


Final examinations are held at the end of each term. The final examination schedule is published in the schedule of classes booklet or may be found on the World Wide Web. In addition, one or more announced tests may be administered in a class during each term. There is no provision for rescheduling final examinations if more than two examinations are scheduled in one day. At the beginning of each semester, the student should review the published final examination schedule and consult with his or her professors about examination requirements as well as the dates and times of final examinations.

Deferred examinations are administered at the beginning of each term for the purpose of removing grades of "I" ("Incomplete"). A schedule of deferred examinations is posted well in advance of the beginning of the semester. (See also "Incompletes and failures" under "Grades and Grade Points" above.)

At the close of each term, students can access their grades by telephone, Internet, and Tide Guide, in various locations on campus.

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