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The University of Alabama
2002-04 Undergraduate Catalog

Note: This online catalog is not continuously updated and therefore matches the 2002-04 printed undergraduate catalog.

(Front Matter)

Administration of The University of Alabama

About the University

    Mission and Objectives
    Divisions of the University
    Vice Presidents' Offices
    Support Units


    General Undergraduate Admission Requirements
    Credit for Examination Performance and Experience
    High-School Services
    Academic Common Market of the Southern Regional Education Board

Student Records and General Academic Policies

    Office of Academic Records and University Registrar
    Student Responsibility
    Classification of Students
    Transfers Within the University
    Transfer Credit
    Academic Bankruptcy
    Grades and Grade Points
    Examinations and Reports
    Records Policy for Students With Uncleared Financial Obligations
    Code of Academic Conduct
    Academic Warning and Suspension
    Student-Athlete Satisfactory Progress
    Absence From Class and Failure to Complete Class Work
    Core Curriculum/General Education Requirements
    UA System Cooperative Exchange Program
    Second Baccalaureate Degree

Tuition and Other Expenses

    Estimated Full-Time Student Budget
    Estimated Cost Per Semester for A Full-Time Undergraduate Student
    Estimated Tuition for Part-Time Students
    Estimated Tuition for Summer Term
    Payment of Registration Expenses and Confirming Enrollment
    Bama Plan Installment Payment Option
    Deferment of Registration Expenses
    Use of Federal Financial Aid to Pay Prior Year Charges
    Other Fees and Charges
    Other Expenses
    Delinquent Accounts
    Offset of Funds
    Withdrawals and Refunds
    Proration of Tuition and Housing Charges
    Impact of Withdrawal on Students Receiving Federal Financial Aid
    Impact of Withdrawal on Institutional and Non-Institutional Loans and Scholarships

Student Financial Aid

    Types of Financial Aid
    Applying for Financial Aid
    Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirement for Federal Financial Aid Recipients
    Student Rights and Responsibilities

Support Programs and Services for Students

    Action Card
    Campus Dining
    Center for Teaching and Learning
    Disability Services
    English Writing Center
    International Services
    Student Affairs
    Transportation Services/Parking
    University of Alabama Department of Public Safety

Code of Student Conduct

    Article I: Judicial Authority
    Article II: Definitions
    Article III: Proscribed Conduct
    Article IV: Organizational Misconduct
    Article V: Judicial Procedures

Military Programs

    Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps Studies
    Air Force Studies (AIR FORCE ROTC)
    Military Organizations

College of Continuing Studies

    Division of Distance Education
    Division of Academic Programs and Services
    Division of Professional and Management Development Programs
    Division of Environmental and Industrial Programs
    Bryant Conference Center
    Capstone Lifelong Learning Society

Honors Programs

    University Honors Program
    Computer-Based Honors Program
    International Honors Program
    Departmental Honors Programs
    Special Programs
    Scholarship Programs
    University-Wide Honor Societies
    Honor Societies in the Schools and Colleges

Special Academic Programs

    Cooperative Education Program
    Capstone International
    National Student Exchange
    University Scholars Program
    Special Academic Programs Within the Colleges and Schools

College of Arts and Sciences

    History and Objectives
    Facilities and Services
    Performing Music Groups
    Performing Theatre and Dance Groups
    Support Groups
    Awards and Scholarships
    Special Services and Programs
    Degrees and Programs Offered
    Degree Requirements
    General Requirements for All Arts and Sciences Curricula
    Academic Policies and Procedures
    Recognition of Academic Achievement
    Department and Program Requirements
        African-American Studies Minor (AAST)
        Department of American Studies (AMS)
        Department of Anthropology (ANT)
        Department of Art (ART) (Arh)
        Arts Administration
        Asian Studies Program (ASST)
        Department of Biological Sciences (BSC)
        Department of Chemistry (CH)
        Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration Minors
        College of Communication and Information Sciences Minors
        Department of Communicative Disorders (CD)
        Computer-Based Honors Program (CBH)
        Department of Computer Science (CS)
        Department of Criminal Justice (CJ)
        East and Central European Studies Minor (ECE)
        Department of Economics (EC)
        College of Engineering Minors
        Department of English (EN)
        Environmental Science Program (ES)
        Department of Geography (GY)
        Department of Geological Sciences (GEO)
        Department of History (HY)
        College of Human Environmental Sciences Minors
        International Studies (INST)
        Latin American Studies Program (LAS)
        Marine Science Program (MS)
        Department of Mathematics (MATH)
        Department of Modern Languages and Classics (CL, FR, GN, GR, IT, LA, RUS, and SP)
        School of Music (MUA) (MUE) (MUS)
        New College
        Department of Philosophy (PHL)
        Department of Physics and Astronomy (PH) (AY)
        Department of Political Science (PSC)
        Predental Program
        Prelaw Studies Program
        Premajor Studies Program
        Premedical Program
        Pre-Occupational Therapy Program
        Preoptometry Program
        Prepharmacy Program
        Pre-Physical Therapy Program
        Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program
        Department of Psychology (PY)
        Department of Religious Studies (REL)
        School of Social Work Minor
        Sociology Minor (SOC)
        Student-Designed Programs
        Teacher Education Program
        Department of Theatre and Dance (TH) (DN)
        Department of Women'S Studies (WS)
        World Literature Program (WL)
    Administrative Officers and Faculty

Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration

    History and Objectives
    Facilities and Services
    Degrees and Programs Offered
    Admission Requirements
    General Degree Requirements and Academic Policies
    Department and Program Requirements
        Curriculum I—Business Administration
        Curriculum II—Culverhouse School of Accountancy
        Curriculum III—Dual Major in Business and Foreign Languages Program
        Curriculum IV—Management Information Systems (MIS)
        Curriculum VII—for College Graduates
    Academic Achievement Awards
    Grants From Professional and Business Organizations
    Scholarships and Readerships for Undergraduates
    Student Organizations
    Administrative Officers and Faculty

College of Communication and Information Sciences

    History and Objectives
    Cultural Diversity
    High-School and Minority Programs
    Degrees and Programs Offered
    Admission and Retention Requirements
    Academic Achievement Awards and Scholarships
    Student Organizations
    Special Services and Programs
    General Degree Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Communication
    Further Requirements for Majors and Minors
    Department and Program Requirements
        Department of Advertising and Public Relations (APR)
        Department of Communication Studies (COM)
        Department of Journalism (JN)
        School of Library and Information Studies
        Department of Telecommunication and Film (TCF)
    Administrative Officers and Faculty

College of Community Health Sciences

    CCHS Courses for University of Alabama Undergraduate and Graduate Students
    Administrative Officers and Faculty

College of Education

    History and Objectives
    Professional Licensure (Certification)
    Degrees and Programs Offered
    Special Services and Programs
    Academic Achievement Awards and Scholarships
    Student Organizations
    Admission and Retention Requirements
    General Degree Requirements
    Elementary Education Programs (K-6) (CEE)
    Interdisciplinary Teacher Education (SPE)
    Kinesiology (P-12)
    Music Education (P-12) (MUE)
    Secondary Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning (6-12) (CSE)
    Other Undergraduate Programs Offered
    College of Education Support Programs
    Administrative Officers and Faculty

College of Engineering

    History and Objectives
    Degrees and Programs Offered
    Admission and Retention Requirements
    Academic Achievement Awards and Scholarships
    Student Organizations
    Special Services and Programs
    General Degree Requirements
    Department and Program Requirements
        Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (AEM)
        Department of Chemical Engineering (CHE)
        Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CE)
        Department of Computer Science (CS)
        Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
        Department of Industrial Engineering (IE)
        Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) and Program in Engineering Graphics (DR)
        Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (MTE)
    Administrative Officers and Faculty

College of Human Environmental Sciences

    History and Objectives
    Admission and Retention Requirements
    Degrees and Programs Offered
    Academic Achievement Awards and Scholarships
    Student Organizations
    General Degree Requirements
    Department and Program Requirements
        Department of Clothing, Textiles, and Interior Design (CTD)
        Department of Consumer Sciences (CSM)
        Department of Health Science
        Department of Human Development and Family Studies (HD)
        Department of Human Nutrition and Hospitality Management (NHM)
        Human Environmental Sciences (HES)
    Administrative Officers and Faculty

Capstone College of Nursing

    Mission Statement
    Program Objectives
    Program and Facilities
    Degree Offered
    Admission and Promotion Requirements
    Academic Achievement Awards and Scholarships
    Special Services, Programs, and Educational Opportunities
    General Degree Requirements
    Administrative Officers and Faculty

School of Social Work

    History and Objectives
    Degrees Offered
    Admission and Retention Requirements
    Academic Achievement Awards and Scholarships
    Special Services and Programs
    General Degree Requirements
    Program Requirements
    Minor in Social Welfare
    Administrative Officers and Faculty

Interim Program

English Language Institute (ELI)

    Intensive English Program
    External Programs
    Academic Support Program
    International Teaching Assistant Program (ITAP)

Course Listings

    Culverhouse School of Accountancy (AC)
    Advertising and Public Relations (APR)
    Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (AEM)
    African-American Studies (AAST)
    American Studies (AMS)
    Anthropology (ANT)
    Arabic (ARB)
    Art History (ARH)
    Art, Studio (ART)
    Arts and Sciences (AS)
    Asian Studies (ASST)
    Astronomy (AY)
    Athletic Coaching (HCA)
    Athletic Training (HAT)
    Biological Sciences (BSC)
    Blount Undergraduate Initiative (BUI)
    Book Arts (BA)
    Chemical Engineering (CHE)
    Chemistry (CH)
    Chinese (CHI)
    Civil and Environmental Engineering (CE)
    Classics (CL)
    Clothing, Textiles, and Interior Design (CTD)
    Communication Studies (COM)
    Communicative Disorders (CD)
    Community Health Sciences (CHS)
    Computer-Based Honors (CBH)
    Computer Science (CS)
    Computers and Applied Technology (CAT)
    Consumer Sciences (CSM)
    Counselor Education (BCE)
    Criminal Justice (CJ)
    Croatian (CROA)
    Curriculum and Instruction (CIE)
    Czech (CZE)
    Dance (DN)
    Dutch (DUT)
    Economics (EC)
    Educational Psychology (BEP)
    Educational Research (BER)
    Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
    Elementary Education Programs (CEE)
    Engineering Graphics (DR)
    English (EN)
    External Degree Program (EXD)
    Finance (FI)
    Finnish (FIN)
    French (FR)
    General Business Administration (GBA)
    General Engineering Studies (GES)
    General Studies (GS)
    Geography (GY)
    Geological Sciences (GEO)
    German (GN)
    Greek (GR)
    Health Care Management (HCM)
    Health Studies (HHE)
    Hebrew (HEB)
    Hindi (HIN)
    History (HY)
    History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Education (BEF)
    Human Development and Family Studies (HD)
    Human Environmental Sciences (HES)
    Human Nutrition and Hospitality Management (NHM)
    Human Performance Studies (Kinesiology) (HPE)
    Indonesian (INDO)
    Industrial Engineering (IE)
    Information Sciences (IS)
    Interdisciplinary Teacher Education (SPE)
    International Business Administration (IBA)
    International Honors Program (IHP)
    Italian (IT)
    Japanese (JA)
    Journalism (JN)
    Korean (KOR)
    Latin (LA)
    Latin American Studies (LAS)
    Legal Studies (LGS)
    Library and Information Studies (LS)
    Management (MGT)
    Management Information Systems (MIS)
    Marine Science (MS)
    Marketing (MKT)
    Mass Communication (MC)
    Mathematics (MATH)
    Mechanical Engineering (ME)
    Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (MTE)
    Modern Greek (MDGR)
    Multiple Abilities Program (MAP)
    Music Academics (MUS)
    Music, Applied (MUA)
    Music Education (MUE)
    New College (NEW)
    Norwegian (NOR)
    Nursing (NUR)
    Operations Management (OM)
    Philosophy (PHL)
    Physical Education Leisure Activities (HPL)
    Physics (PH)
    Polish (POL)
    Political Science (PSC)
    Portuguese (POR)
    Psychology (PY)
    Reading Education (CRD)
    Religious Studies (REL)
    Restaurant and Hospitality Management (RHM)
    Russian (RUS)
    Sanskrit (SAN)
    Secondary Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning (CSE)
    Social Sciences (SS)
    Social Work (SW)
    Sociology (SOC)
    Spanish (SP)
    Statistics (ST)
    Swahili (SWA)
    Swedish (SWED)
    Telecommunication and Film (TCF)
    Thai (THAI)
    Theatre (TH)
    Turkish (TURK)
    University Honors Program (UH)
    Urdu (URDU)
    Vietnamese (VIET)
    Women'S Studies (WS)
    World Literature (WL)

Department, Program, and Course Alpha Symbols

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