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2002-2004 Undergraduate Catalog
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Dr. Billy P. Helms, Department Head
Office: 200 Alston Hall

In addition to completing the specific prerequisites included in the descriptions of the following courses, all students seeking to enroll in 300- or 400-level courses in the Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration must have attained junior standing, which is defined for purposes of this policy as having earned 55 semester hours.

All C&BA students must, prior to seeking to enroll in any 300- or 400-level C&BA course, complete or be enrolled in the following prerequisites: EC 110 and EC 111; MATH 112 and MATH 121, or MATH 115 and MATH 125; CS 102; AC 210; ST 260; and LGS 200 (or their equivalents). Failure to fulfill all prerequisites prior to enrolling in a 300- or 400-level C&BA course will result in administrative disenrollment from that course.

LGS 200 is a prerequisite for all advanced legal studies courses.

LGS 200 Legal Environment of Business. Three hours.

Environmental approach to the study of law, including the way the law interrelates, philosophy of law, and sources of law. The relationship among law, business, political influences, and the society is treated.

LGS 402 Government and Business. Three hours.

Prerequisite: EC 111.

This course is designed to give students some information about the regulations which government may or may not impose upon business, leaving students free to form their own conclusions as to their wisdom, adequacy, and practicability. Survey of basic constitutional principles and legal aspects of recent federal legislation affecting business and antitrust laws.

LGS 403 Administration of Estates and Trusts. Three hours.

This course treats principles and rules of law relating to wills and inheritances; how the estates of deceased persons are administered; why and how trusts are created and operated; and the duties and settlement of executors, administrators, and trustees.

LGS 404 Legal Issues in the Accounting Profession. Three hours.

Prerequisite: LGS 200.

A study of various legal issues in the accounting profession. Among the topics covered are accountants' liability, commercial transactions, and business organizations.

LGS 405 International Business Law. Three hours.

Prerequisite: LGS 402 is recommended.

This course is concerned with the law pertaining to international marketing, regulations pertaining to import-export trade, etc.

LGS 407 Real and Personal Property Law. Three hours.

This course is concerned with the conveyance of property, deeds, covenants, condemnation of property, rights of landlord and tenant, and bailments.

LGS 408 Law of Business Organizations. Three hours.

Covers the law of business organizations, their formation, and bankruptcy.

LGS 472 Legal Aspects of Health Care (also HCM 472). Three hours.

Prerequisite: HCM 370 or permission of the instructor.

Examines aspects of the law that are of most concern to individuals in health care management, including administrative law, hospital law, welfare law, public health law, and licensing and legislation.

LGS 491 Independent Study in Legal Studies. One to six hours.

Students may earn degree credit for only one independent study course (491).

LGS 492 Internship. Three hours.

Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing and a grade point average of 2.50 or higher. Students may earn degree credit for only one internship (492).

Students are selected through a competitive process for assignments in approved business or public-sector organizations. The internship is administered through the C&BA Office of Student Services.

LGS 497 Special Topics. Three hours.

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