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2002-2004 Undergraduate Catalog
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Rebecca J. Pow, Director
Office: 305 Martha Parham West

EXD 101 Foundations of Adult Learning Seminar. Three hours. Pass/fail.

Orientation to the EXD Program and introduction to the theories and principles of adult learning, learning styles, college degree planning, college writing, and selected issues relating to adult education. Mandatory for admission to the EXD Program.

EXD 102 Writing Skills and Strategies. Three hours.

Required completion within the first six months of enrollment in the program. Helps students enhance their college writing skills.

EXD 300 Directed Study. One to twelve hours.

Out-of-class learning contracts designed by students in selected topics. Adviser approval required.

EXD 311-EXD 347 Contract Learning. One to fifteen hours.

Out-of-class learning contracts designed by faculty members in selected topics.

EXD 395 Seminar. One to six hours.

Campus-based seminar on varying topics in natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, or other selected areas.

EXD 398 Senior Project. One to fifteen hours.

Student-designed major project or research in approved area. Required of all EXD students before graduation.