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2002-2004 Undergraduate Catalog
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[School of Social Work]


Academic Advising

The undergraduate program views advising as essential to the student's college experience. After declaring social work as a major, each student is assigned an adviser. All social work students have opportunities to be advised individually and to attend group advising sessions, and students are expected to take an active part in the advising process.

The adviser attempts to engage the student in a process of evaluating his or her aptitude and motivation for a career in social work and assists the student in the selection of courses. Advisers can also be helpful in referring students with personal problems to appropriate resources within the University and community.

Field Education

Field education, a 10-hour credit course, is a four-day-per-week learning experience taken during the fall semester of the senior year. Students are given opportunities, under supervision, to develop social work skills. The School of Social Work utilizes agencies in a variety of settings for field education placements. Students must make arrangements for transportation in order to complete field education requirements. During this semester, students also attend classroom courses at the School of Social Work one day per week.