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2002-2004 Undergraduate Catalog
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[College of Education]


Academic Advising

While each student in the College of Education is assigned an official adviser to assist in arranging the program of study and to counsel him or her any time a problem may arise, the individual student is responsible for actively seeking information. Students are expected to consult their advisers about curricula and degree requirements. In addition, students may consult their advisers on matters pertaining to academic work at the University.

Career Center

The University's Career Center, located in 330 Ferguson Center, serves all students interested in securing teaching positions who have completed approved teacher education programs at The University of Alabama and who are eligible for Alabama professional certificates. The Career Center maintains contacts with school and college officials seeking qualified persons for various types of employment in the education field; information is available on part-time as well as full-time employment. All University of Alabama seniors are encouraged to file their credentials with the Career Center.

Other Special Services and Programs

Other special services and programs, including Disability Services, Graduate Student Services, International Services, Student Support Services, the Center for Teaching and Learning, Student Financial Aid, University Health Service, Office of the Dean of Students, University Recreation, and Veterans Services are also available to students in the College of Education. See the sections of this catalog beginning on p. 31 and 34.