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2002-2004 Undergraduate Catalog
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A student in the College of Arts and Sciences may apply a minor in the College of Engineering toward degree requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences. The minor requires 18 hours in engineering courses, with at least 6 hours at the 300 or 400 level and is subject to the provisions stated on p. 64-66. Because of the extensive prerequisite requirements in mathematics, science, and engineering courses, courses composing the minor must be selected carefully and planned in consultation with advisers in A&S and the College of Engineering. The procedures for acceptance into the minor are the same as those for other A&S programs. Forms and assistance are provided in the A&S Student Services Center.

Two types of engineering minor are available. The Type I minor is a specialized program in one of the engineering disciplines. Course requirements and advising are available from the appropriate department head, who will appoint an adviser for a student desiring this type of minor. The Type II minor is a general minor in engineering. The College of Engineering associate dean for academic programs appoints an adviser for a student pursuing the Type II minor, which requires the student to complete courses chosen from a list available in the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Programs.