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2002-2004 Undergraduate Catalog
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[Honors Programs]


Departmental honors programs are currently available to outstanding students in biological sciences, chemistry, English, geological sciences, and psychology. The programs offer honors courses and other special opportunities for study in these departments.

Students participating in the University Honors Program may apply a total of 6 credit hours from departmental honors courses, and up to 3 credit hours for a departmental honors thesis, toward the requirements of the Honors Division. Students seeking certification in the Special Honors Division may apply up to 9 hours of credit from departmental honors courses and 3 hours of credit for a departmental honors thesis. Exceptions to this policy must be approved in writing by the director of the University Honors Program.

Biological Sciences

Students majoring in one of the biological sciences are eligible for consideration for the honors program in biological sciences after they have completed at least 16 hours in biological sciences with a grade point average of 3.4 in biological sciences and an average of 3.4 overall. Acceptance into the program requires approval of the Honors Program Committee and acceptance of the student by primary advisers and co-advisers. Requirements of the honors program include (a) 4-8 hours of BSC 390 Honors Thesis Research; (b) an acceptable honors thesis; (c) attendance in BSC 407 Honors Seminar in Biological Sciences; (d) taking the advanced portion of the Graduate Record Examination; and (e) maintenance of a 3.4 grade point average in biological sciences courses and a 3.4 overall average. Additional details are available in the office of the Department of Biological Sciences.


Requirements for the bachelor of science degree with honors in chemistry are (a) completion of course requirements for the B.S. degree with a major in chemistry; (b) maintenance of a 3.3 grade point average in chemistry courses, with no more than one "C," and of a 3.0 GPA for all coursework; (c) participation in CH 491, CH 492, CH 493, and CH 494 (honors research seminars and research courses); (d) submission of an acceptable senior thesis based on research conducted under supervision of a chemistry department faculty member; and (e) submission of scores on the Graduate Record Examination or other appropriate examination prior to graduation. Students are invited to apply for admission to the honors program in chemistry on the basis of performance in introductory chemistry courses. Inquire at the Department of Chemistry office for further details.


Any student with a superior aptitude for and a special interest in literature may apply for admission to the honors program in English. The program includes special classes for EN 225 (EN 235), EN 226 (EN 236), and EN 227 (EN 237), and eligibility for the Senior Honors Seminar in Literature (EN 499). English majors who maintain grade point averages of 3.5 in English and 3.3 overall upon successfully completing the program and the honors seminar will be eligible for graduation with "honors in English."

The honors seminar (EN 499) is designed in consultation with interested students. Student initiative is encouraged. Students are free to recommend the topic, the material, and the director that best suit their academic interests. Recent seminars have covered a variety of topics and works. The topic of a recent seminar was "The Idea of the West," and the course examined works by Homer, Virgil, Swift, Flaubert, Tolstoy, and Charles Johnson.

Geological Sciences

Requirements for the bachelor of science or bachelor of science in geology degree with honors are (a) completion of the course requirements for the B.S. or B.S. in geology degree; (b) maintenance of a 3.3 grade point average in geology courses and a 3.0 grade point average for all coursework; (c) grade of "Pass" in GEO 435 and GEO 436 (honors seminars); (d) 6 hours of GEO 499 Honors Research (graded pass/fail), the results of which will be presented in the honors seminar; and (e) submission of an acceptable honors thesis based on research conducted under the supervision of a geological sciences department faculty member. Geology majors are invited to apply for admission to the honors program in geology after completion of 13 hours of geology coursework.


The psychology department honors program is designed to afford qualified majors the opportunity to participate in activities preparatory for graduate training in psychology. The two-year program is research-oriented and involves interaction with selected faculty and peers in an enriched and accelerated academic environment. Completion of the program is contingent upon submission of an independently conducted research project equivalent in quality to a master's thesis.

Psychology majors who are in the second semester of their sophomore year with 9 hours of completed coursework in psychology (including PY 101, PY 211, and a 300-level course) may apply for admission to the psychology department honors program. A completed application and interview by the Departmental Honors Committee are required before acceptance. To be accepted a student must have a 3.3 grade point average in psychology coursework and a 3.0 average overall; however, meeting these minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. PY 355 and PY 356 must be completed before entry into the program.

Additional Honors Courses

The following are examples of additional honors courses currently available at The University of Alabama:

    HY 105 Western Civilization to 1648
    HY 106 Western Civilization since 1648
    HY 205 American Civilization to 1865
    HY 206 American Civilization since 1865

    MATH 145 Honors Calculus I
    MATH 146 Honors Calculus II
    MATH 247 Honors Calculus III

    PHL 103 Deductive Logic
    PHL 105 Introduction to Philosophy
    PHL 202 Introduction to Ethics

Communication Studies
    COM 121 Critical Decision Making
    COM 123 Public Speaking

Credit for these courses may be applied to the requirements of the University Honors Program.

Many other departments offer honors courses. Students should contact individual departments concerning the availability of honors courses, as well as the requirements for enrolling in them. Participation in the University Honors Program is not a requirement for students wishing to take honors coursework at the departmental level.

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