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2002-2004 Undergraduate Catalog
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    University Honors Program
    Computer-Based Honors Program
    International Honors Program
    Departmental Honors Programs
    Special Programs
    Scholarship Programs
    University-Wide Honor Societies
    Honor Societies in the Schools and Colleges

The University of Alabama offers several academic honors programs and specialized non-honors programs, such as the Blount Undergraduate Initiative in the College of Arts and Sciences, designed to benefit serious students interested in honing their academic skills and developing their knowledge to the highest levels possible. These programs are not mutually exclusive — students seeking extra academic challenges are encouraged to apply to, and participate in, any or all of them. Some courses offered by the Computer-Based Honors Program, the International Honors Program, departmental honors programs, and the Engineering Freshman Program can be applied toward University Honors Program requirements.

A student interested in enrolling in an honors program should begin by discussing the particular program with an academic adviser or a faculty member in the program. Contact addresses and phone numbers for University-wide honors programs are provided below.