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2002-2004 Undergraduate Catalog
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[Support Programs and Services for Students]


Bama Dining, the University of Alabama food service, offers students, faculty, and staff a wide range of on-campus dining options in several campus locations.

The Ferguson Center Food Court, located on the main floor of the Ferguson Center Student Union building, features 10 different meal choices, including national brands such as Burger King, Chick-fil-A, Blimpie, Tortilla Fresca, Starbucks, and Frëshens Yogurt.

Other regional and local favorites found on campus are Bob Baumhower's Wings Express in Burke Hall; the 24-hour diner in Paty Hall; Julia's Market in Tutwiler Hall, featuring Blimpie subs; Towers Market in Rose Towers; the Crimson Cafe Coffee Cart, and Domino's on- and off-campus pizza delivery.

Dining Meals. Commons Dining, in Burke Hall, serves all meal plan students as well as University of Alabama athletes. Dining Meals is an optional account that offers three annual meal plans — seven, 10, or 14 meals per week, Monday through Sunday. Dining Meals are offered on an "all you can eat" basis. These plans are ideal for students who eat most of their meals on campus. Information about these plans is provided to all admitted students.

*Dining Dollars. Dining Dollars is a required account. All undergraduate students are billed for $225 in Dining Dollars for each fall and spring semester in which they enroll for 9 hours or more and $50 in Dining Dollars for each summer semester in which they enroll for 5 hours or more. Students who are married or who have "head of household" status may be exempted with proof of circumstances. Exemption request forms are available at the Bama Dining office, 133 Burke Hall East.

Dining Dollars is billed to the student's account along with other registration charges and the Dining Dollars account will be set up automatically on the Action Card. Students may use Dining Dollars at all Bama Dining Service locations (including those described above) and selected campus vending machines.

Unspent funds remaining from the fall semester are carried forward into the spring semester. Unspent funds remaining from the spring and summer semesters are transferred to a Bama Cash account; however, each student has the option of requesting a credit of the Dining Dollars balance at the end of the spring semester (April 15 through July 1). By filling out a credit application, funds remaining in the Dining Dollars account after the last day of published final examinations for the spring semester will be credited to the student account maintained by Student Receivables. Applications for credits are available at Bama Dining, 133 Burke East, after April 15. A student who enrolls for the summer or fall semester who does not enroll for the spring semester may request unspent fall Dining Dollars by contacting Bama Dining Service, Box 870389, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0389; (205) 348-6816 or toll-free 1-888-BAMA FOOD (226-2366).

*All requirements and information are subject to change.

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