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2002-2004 Undergraduate Catalog
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[Tuition and Other Expenses]


It is the student's responsibility to withdraw officially from the University or from an individual course in accordance with University regulations. The "Student Records and General Academic Policies" section of this catalog has the necessary instructions.

Tuition charges are reduced following withdrawal from all classes in an enrollment period at a rate based on the date the student initiates the withdrawal process in the Office of Academic Records and University Registrar, as reflected in the "Proration of Tuition and Housing Charges" section. Exceptions to the withdrawal initiated date policy include medical withdrawals from all classes and withdrawals from all classes due to involuntary military induction. Proration for medical withdrawal is based on the effective withdrawal date determined by the director of the Russell Student Health Center. Withdrawal due to involuntary military induction (supported by a valid military induction notice) will result in full tuition removal. For dropping an individual course, proration is determined by the date the student initiates the action.

Enrollment periods are the fall semester, the spring semester, or the summer term. The summer term includes several different sessions — a three-week interim session and two five-week summer sessions. If a student who has or will complete any course enrollment for the summer term wishes to drop classes for a specific session, this will be considered a drop rather than a withdrawal since the student is still enrolled in the summer term.

Students who receive federal financial aid and subsequently withdraw from all classes before completing the enrollment period are subject to full or partial federal aid cancellation and repayment of funds received. See "Impact of Withdrawal on Students Receiving Federal Financial Aid."

Students suspended from school for disciplinary reasons have no right to refunds of any tuition paid or to the cancellation of amounts due.

A student is responsible for clearing any outstanding balance on his or her account before leaving campus. Refunds upon withdrawal will not be issued for three weeks, to allow time for all necessary adjustments to be made to the student's account.

A student is not entitled to a refund or a cancellation of amounts due for residence hall contracts unless he or she is withdrawing from all classes. A student who withdraws during the first week of classes will lose his or her $75.00 deposit. After the first week of classes, refunds of room charges will follow the same policy that applies to tuition. See "Proration of Tuition and Housing Charges."

Refunds of housing deposits are issued upon authorization of Residential Life if the student has a clear account balance.

Refunds of ROTC deposits are issued upon authorization of the ROTC supply officer if the student has a clear account balance.

No refunds will be made to a student who has an outstanding balance on his or her account.

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