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2002-2004 Undergraduate Catalog
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[Tuition and Other Expenses]


The following list of fees is not necessarily exhaustive, and the amounts are subject to change without notice.

Apartment application deposit$100.00
Apartment application fee25.00
BAMA Plan participation fee (annual)55.00
Course fees varies
Deferment fee (per semester)30.00
Diploma fee (undergraduate)35.00
Diploma fee (if graduation requirements are not met
    and diploma was ordered) 10.00
Duplicate diploma 20.00
Duplicate Action Card 20.00
International student fee 50.00
Late payment fee (monthly)25.00
Late registration fee 25.00
Misused Action Card fine25.00
Readmission application fee15.00
Reinstatement fee25.00
Residence hall application fee25.00
Residence hall deposit75.00
Returned check fee (per check)20.00
Spouse activity fee100.75
Transcript fee (per transcript)5.00
Transcript fee — faxed (per transcript) 11.00
Transcript fee — overnight service (per transcript) 17.00
Transcript hold fee25.00