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2002-2004 Undergraduate Catalog
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[Tuition and Other Expenses]


Alabama Resident      Nonresident
Tuition $1,646.00 $4,456.00
Room (double occupancy)1 1,180.00 1,180.00
Meal plan2 775.00 775.00
Dining Dollars3 225.00 225.00
Basic telephone service 70.00 70.00
Network facility fee4 30.00 30.00
Books and supplies 350.00 350.00
_________ _________
Total $3,973.00 $6,403.00

1UA offers a wide range of on-campus living options, including apartments (from $310.00 to $660.00 per month, some including utilities) and dorm rooms. More detailed information is available from Residential Life, Box 870399, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0399; (205) 348-6676.

2The cost listed here reflects an optional 10-meals-per-week plan. Optional five-meals-per-week and 15-meals-per-week plans are also available. For more information, contact Bama Dining, Box 870389, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0389; (205) 348-6816.

3All undergraduate students are billed $225.00 per semester, along with other registration charges, to establish a Dining Dollars account, which is set up automatically on each student's Action Card. Dining Dollars can be used to purchase meals and snacks from all Bama Dining locations, selected campus vending machines, and two off-campus dining facilities (Domino's Pizza and Crimson Café). Complete information is available from Bama Dining, Box 870389, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0389; (205) 348-6816.

4This fee covers installation and maintenance of the building network. To activate Internet service (ResNet), a $50-per-computer installation fee and a $45-per-semester usage fee are additional.