The University of Alabama (“the University”) is committed to maintaining a supportive, educational environment that seeks to enhance the well-being of all members of its community. This commitment reflects the institution’s adherence to its mission, to its various policies supporting its mission, and to relevant state and federal laws.  Consistent with that commitment, the University has implemented the following policy on hazing.


For purposes of this Policy, the University adopts and incorporates herein the detailed definitions of hazing set forth in the University’s Code of Student Conduct and Alabama Code § 16-1-23.  Simply defined, hazing includes any act that threatens or inflicts physical, emotional, or psychological pressure or injury on an individual or that purposely demeans, degrades, or disgraces an individual. 

The University does not condone hazing, regardless of its form.  Indeed, hazing is prohibited by the University’s Code of Student Conduct and considered a crime in the State of Alabama under Alabama Code § 16-1-23.  No individual shall directly engage in hazing or indirectly encourage, aid, or assist any other person in hazing.  All students and other University representatives, including employees, should immediately report known or suspected hazing violations as directed herein. 


To report hazing, please provide specific information about the hazing incident to any of the following:

  • The University’s Hazing & Harassment Hotline (205-348-HALT (4258))
  • The University’s Office of the Dean of Students (205-348-3326)
  • The University’s Office of Student Conduct (205-348-8234 •
  • The University of Alabama Police Department (UAPD) (205-348-5454)
  • You may also report hazing online using this Form.

If the situation is an emergency and you or someone else needs immediate assistance, please contact UAPD (205-348-5454).


It is a violation of the Code of Student Conduct for a student to retaliate against another student or individual who has made a good faith report of hazing.  Similarly, any University employee who retaliates against an individual who has made a good faith report of hazing will be subject to disciplinary sanctions, up to and including termination.


For more information on hazing prevention and reporting, please visit

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