Use and consumption of alcohol on premises owned by The University of Alabama is governed by the University’s Drug-Free Campus and Work Place Policy and by Alabama statutes and regulations. According to University policy the following locations on The University of Alabama campus have been designated as sites where alcoholic beverages may be appropriately served to adult groups: President's Mansion, Paul Bryant Conference Center, Paul W. Bryant Museum, Ferguson Center, Alumni Hall, Gorgas House, University Club and Smith Hall. Under certain circumstances or for certain University-wide events, the President, Provost and Vice Presidents of the University may designate other sites as appropriate for the service of alcoholic beverages. An application for a Grounds Use Permit can include a request to allow the servicing of alcohol provided such serving complies with University policy, all state and local laws and regulations, and the following additional criteria:

  1. For any event at a University owned location approved under University policy for the use and consumption of alcohol where alcohol is provided in return for the giving of some consideration (e.g., cash bar, paying for a dinner ticket, donations made in return for drink tickets, fundraising events, etc.) the registrant must obtain a Special Event License from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board through an approved caterer. This process can take up to 6-8 weeks so planning well in advance for this requirement will be necessary.
  2. For events to be held on premises owned by the University that are already licensed by the ABC Board under a Special Retail License (University Club and Bryant Conference Center) the registrant must use the services of the license holder for the distribution of alcohol. This rule applies even if no consideration is given for distribution of alcohol (e.g., a wedding reception).
  3. For events held at a University owned location approved under University policy for the use and consumption of alcohol, but not already licensed by the ABC Board, where the event is not open to the public (e.g., a private party or other event with a guest list) and where no consideration is given for the alcohol (e.g., a wedding reception with an open bar) no license for the distribution of alcohol is required. However, the additional requirements set out below will still apply to the conduct of the event.
    • You, the event registrar will be responsible for compliance with all open container laws.
    • You, the event registrar will also be responsible for laws concerning possession or consumption by minors.
    • Student Organizations must abide by all provisions of the University's social alcohol policy and Party Smart guide.
    • The University may grant or deny requests for the use or consumption of alcohol on property owned by it in its sole and absolute discretion.
    • The University of Alabama does not assume any responsibility for ensuring that you follow applicable laws and regulations regarding the use, sale or consumption of alcohol.
    • All other University General Terms and Conditions for Ground Use Permits shall apply to the registration of events involving the use, sale, or consumption of alcohol.

REVISED:  01 April 2011

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