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[Special Academic Programs]


College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences offers its students an array of enriching academic opportunities. Among these are the Clark Advising Program and other special activities for freshmen; the unique Blount Undergraduate Initiative; independent research and creative activities; study of critical languages; internships; international study; individualized degree programs; and a rich cultural life in music, theatre, dance, and creative writing.

Many freshmen in the College of Arts and Sciences explore different disciplines before choosing their majors. Through the Clark Advising Program, part of the A&S Student Services Center, such students are offered individualized advising for premajor and preprofessional fields (premedical, predental, and prelaw, among others). More information is available on p. 63 and 108-112.

The Blount Undergraduate Initiative, described on p. 63, provides the intensive, exciting, and challenging world of a small liberal-arts college within a major research university. While pursuing a variety of majors within the College, Blount students explore the intersections of knowledge through a specially designed freshman foundation course, integrative seminars in the sophomore and junior years, an individualized living-learning experience, and a special senior course. Blount scholars share a freshman-year residency in a living-learning center and, as upperclassmen, continue working with faculty in the program's academic houses. More information concerning the Blount Undergraduate Initiative is available through the Blount Undergraduate Initiative office and the A&S Student Services Center.

Students are encouraged to become involved in independent research and creative activities, ranging from exploring the building blocks of the universe to choreographing dance programs. Interested students are encouraged to contact their academic advisers or faculty members in the areas in which they wish to do independent work.

Students are also offered unique learning experiences through the College's Critical Languages Center, in which students may use traditional and nontraditional approaches to study languages rarely offered in American universities. These include Arabic, Hindi, Swahili, and Dutch. See p. 94 for more information.

Several departments, including political science, English, and criminal justice, offer internships through which students can gain professional experience. Internship information is available in each department and in the A&S Student Services Center.

Students are also encouraged to study overseas through University- and College-sponsored programs. See "Capstone International," p. 55, for more information. Students may apply to obtain limited financial support for international study by contacting the scholarship coordinator in the A&S Student Services Center.

Through New College and student-designed programs, students may develop unique degree programs. Students work with faculty to plan individualized programs of study focused on issues that are best studied from different disciplinary perspectives. More information is available on p. 103 and 114, in the New College office, and in the A&S Student Services Center.

Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration

Faculty Scholars Program

The Faculty Scholars Program matches 10 sophomore students in the Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration with 10 faculty members in relationships in which the students assist the faculty members in research and teaching activities. The 10 students are known as faculty scholars, while the participating faculty members are called faculty mentors.

Each faculty scholar is assigned to work with the faculty mentor for 10 hours per week. The work experience may be quite varied, depending upon the interests and backgrounds of the students and faculty members. The following are examples of activities that may be involved: assisting with research, developing computer programs, processing data, assisting in developing teaching materials, and assisting with committee work.

Compensation for a faculty scholar is increased each year to reflect the faculty scholar's increasing ability and experience. The program is to provide highly qualified and motivated students with opportunities to interact with faculty members as apprentices. At the end of the sophomore year, each faculty scholar will come to know a faculty member better than most graduating seniors.


The Schola program allows the student to develop a relationship with a faculty member who can offer encouragement and support throughout the student's junior year. This relationship will help students who are making decisions regarding internships, employment, and graduate school. Participating students discuss career goals, personal interests, and future plans with faculty that share the same interests.

The name Schola is derived from a Greek term meaning leisure given to learning, a learned conversation, or debate. C&BA students who have just been admitted to the College's upper division seek a place for learned conversation or instruction, which a select group of C&BA faculty may provide. C&BA faculty and students participating in the Schola program meet in informal settings to discuss the academic atmosphere of each student's career.

Friedman Hall

The Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration and the Office of Residential Life collaborated to create the C&BA Living Option in Friedman Hall. The mission of the C&BA Living Option is to provide the residents with the opportunity for academic and personal development outside the classroom. Inherent to the success of this mission is the active participation by the Friedman Hall residents and C&BA faculty and staff members in the programs and activities scheduled throughout the year.

Friedman Hall has two M.B.A. students to serve as program manager and facility manager, respectively. Resident assistants are upper-division students with a wide variety of C&BA majors to assist residents with questions about the College. The C&BA faculty-in-residence sets the tone for the program to connect in-class instruction with out-of-class experiences.

Specialized academic advising, programming, and special events and activities are available to the C&BA Friedman Hall residents. The C&BA Living Option Hall Council serves as a liaison between the programming staff and resident assistants and students. This residential facility is a model for more academic influence in campus living.

Dual Majors in Business and Foreign Language

The modern business environment is truly global and the dual major provides students with training necessary to succeed in that environment. The dual-major student completes a degree and a major in management, marketing, economics, or finance, as well as a second major in French, Spanish, German, or Russian. The result is a superior skill set derived from cutting-edge business training and thorough study of a language and the culture associated with it. Such a program creates students who are technically proficient, culturally sensitive, and flexible enough to deal with the business challenges of the future.

College of Continuing Studies

The Division of Distance Education offers several practicum opportunities for on-campus students. Dependable students are needed for positions as audiovisual student workers. Interested students can expect to learn to operate state-of-the-art technical studios, develop hands-on video equipment skills, supervise video classes, and gain exposure to new technology. Distance Education can schedule student work around class schedules.

The requirement for this position is a maintained 2.5 GPA (minimum). Preference will be given to students who have taken TCF 150.

For more information, please contact J. Cofield, with the Division of Distance Education, at (205) 348-9278, or come by 127 Martha Parham Hall West. You may also contact us by e-mail: Be sure to check out our Web site:

College of Engineering

The College of Engineering offers its students many special academic opportunities, such as Cooperative Education (see p. 55), international studies, multicultural engineering programs, residence hall engineering floors, and career services. For descriptions of such programs, see "Special Services and Programs" in the College of Engineering section of this catalog, p. 194.

College of Human Environmental Sciences

The College of Human Environmental Sciences offers internships for students in every academic program. The internship is required for some academic programs and is taken as an elective in others. For more information, see internship descriptions in the course listings in this catalog, or check with the appropriate departmental office.

School of Social Work

The School of Social Work provides an internship experience for all social work majors in a variety of health and social service agencies in Alabama. For more information, see "Field Education" in the School of Social Work section of this catalog, p. 239.

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